There is glory in the simple triumphs of their lives, but I am still unsure what that has to do with the multi-million dollar industry of manufactured romantic fiction. In a Hasidic enclave in Brooklyn, there are seemingly endless services tailored for the community—stores in Yiddish, school buses and even a dedicated EMS. There is some truth to the idea that the typical reader of romance fiction is a middle-aged woman, but Guilty Pleasures presents a surprising cultural diversity. He Has the Look of the Heroes Hiroko describes what she likes about her ballroom dance teacher. The hidden movie gems you need to watch this summer. For Shumita, the struggle for an answer is a bit more serious.

Season 25 Episode 4 18m 59s Director Julie Moggan sits down with filmmaker Geoffrey Smith to talk about delving into the world of romance novels, and the ethics of making humorous documentaries. Should we celebrate their compromised dreams? Stephen may shrug about the ideal lover he portrays, but he spends the film searching for a soul mate. It’s about romancing yourself in a way. It features little of the kitsch one would expect from such a topic. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS:

Guilty Pleasures Review

Should we gguilty their compromised dreams? Share this Rating Title: I had a lot of questions about love and romance. Audible Download Audio Books. This documentary explores our universal struggle to reconcile inner fantasy with the tragicomic truths of real-life relationships.

It’s not going to be that knight in shining armor. Five heroes, four continents, one dream of true love. However, in other cases the novels provide a means to fill the emptiness of otherwise unfulfilling lives, as in the case of an Indian woman in a loveless marriage.

Feisty Indian princess Shumita has grown tired of playing the victim since her debonair husband left her for a younger woman. Shumita can laugh about the books’ utopian resolutions but can’t help feeling they contain a truth about love.


There’s nothing wrong with a happy ending. S25 Ep4 1m 17s checkmark Add to Watchlist. Suggest a new film for the British Films Directory. Creating an account is free and gets you: But is it the oddball, sideshow-to-real-literature that it is often portrayed to be? How does someone with a camera get the kind of highly intimate information Moggan manages to glean from her subjects? Far from being cynical purveyors of the genre, Gill the author and Stephen the model are perhaps as romantic as their readers.

Previous Next Show Grid. For some, this is constructive, as in the case of a Japanese housewife inspired to take up ballroom dancing. Deep down she knows she’s the true love of his life and she’s out to get him back.

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Worth a Watch not in order. Single Mum Shirley has finally found true love with her very own hero.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But her knight in shining armour has his dark side: Filed under Beat MagazineInterview. Although the film is far from maudlin, it opens a door into how some people try to cope with the sadness of their lives. Your report has been successfully submitted. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS: Shumita at the beauty salon.

You’ve julid tried to add this video to your Watchlist so you can watch it later. He even encourages Hiroko to take up ballroom dancing, though he wouldn’t dream of participating. Julie Moggan’s new documentary, Guilty Pleasuresarrives from Britain to offer a much closer and more perceptive look at the world of the romance novel by profiling five people involved in it.


Providing Support for PBS. Start your free trial. Filmmaker Interview with Julie Moggan Clip: Demure Japanese housewife Hiroko yearns to be swept off guity feet by a dashing David Beckham look-alike.

Signout Register Sign in. Width in pixels px. Guilty Pleasures discovers not so much a business as a global community of shared imagination, a community whose yearning for romance fiction’s Holy Grail — true love — seems to know no barrier of language or culture, nor show signs of abating any time soon. Edit Details Official Sites: S25 Guillty 2m 48s checkmark Add to Watchlist. In Pleasuree, housewife Hiroko yearns to make fantasy reality with her handsome ballroom dancing teacher.

Edit Storyline Demure Japanese housewife Hiroko yearns to be swept filj her feet by a dashing David Beckham look-alike. Press Release Hasidic women shatter the glass ceiling In a Hasidic enclave in Brooklyn, there are seemingly endless services tailored for the community—stores in Yiddish, school buses and even a dedicated EMS.

Genre Woman Director Documentary Drama. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yet the corps is made up entirely of men, and one group of women wants to change that. Every so often the news media take note of a phenomenon so huge and ubiquitous that it is otherwise as invisible as the woodwork.