I inhale you like white lines. Wedding bands, diamonds, blues and a baby Bass. Because not everyone can be super nice all the time! Chuck Bass is King of St Judes. We Are Nowhere and It’s Now by myRyRy reviews She remembers looking out her window as a little girl, feeling like a royal princess looking down on her subjects as they moved about her kingdom. Pomp and Circumstance by Dr. Inspired by The Thomas Crown Affair film. As word spreads that Serena is missing, the gang bands together to find her and are shocked by what they find.

No one is safe. Craving of Surprises by ellibells reviews One-shot, Chair fic as always. White Lies and Dark Secrets reviews What happens when Chuck and Blair’s sixteen year old daughter discovers the real truth of her parents’ past? La Vie en Rose by Dr. After all, the fire still burns between them. One Year by SaturnineSunshine reviews Mr. So on the first day of Christmas

Memories of Victrola reviews A very special anniversary. Lethe by MegamiTenchi reviews Post 5×10 spin-off short story.

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Gkrl Out Of Time by SaturnineSunshine reviews In a universe where bloodlines are paramount and family obligation is everything, one encounter makes all the difference. Anywhere else it would be too much drama to handle, but this is the Upper East Side. Repetition by varietyofwords reviews AU Historical.

Or pull them together? Some chapters will be mature.

At the risk of being turned away for lack of boundaries, she returned to Chuck because in his arms she felt at home.


In light of a tragedy, friendships and marriages alike are tested, but what they ultimately discover is who they can always count on. Very loosely inspired by Wuthering Heights. She had to see if he was carrying out with his nonverbal threat to sleep with the woman he’d hardly taken a second glance at before they’d broken up.

I inhale you like white lines.

Blair and Nate are engaged. What if Blair had gotten her wish and Nate never found srries about her affair with Chuck? My Limoversary fic, one month later. I’m not cancelling on him. It throws everything out of control! Birthdays by anjumstar reviews One-shot. Tonight by chanelwestcoast reviews Just a little one shot depicting what I think could have happened the night of the is flake ball sans one untimely Bart Bass “death”.

As soon as you once come up with a man’s limitations, it is all over with him. Chuck is an old college buddy that comes to stay with Blair and Nate for their wedding. K – English – Romance – Chapters: Fit For A King by kaela reviews Chuck’s birthday brings him nothing but sadness.

Mostly fluff with a really cute boy wearing tiny bow ties, but also some angst regarding his parents and their relationships. Set 5 years in the future. One of the many ways things could go when Blair wakes up in the hospital. In a different universe, things could have gone different. A young, single Blair happens upon the already rakish sereis infamous Chuck Bass doing what he does best.


I returns after leaving Chuck to explore her career, will their timing finally be right?

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Just In All Stories: The Charles Bass Affair by scarlett2u reviews Charles Bass is a brilliant businessman, a playboy billionaire…and a jewel thief? Would Chuck and Blair find their way back to each other, or will their past keep them separated forever? Confirmation by varietyofwords reviews Oneshot. One-shot set way into glssip future of the “These Bossip universe. Feliz by varietyofwords reviews Chuck and Blair. AU 4×22 Gossip Girl – Rated: Set in various points throughout the seasons and some future fics.

Nate is determined to finally reveal the true identity of Gossip Girl, thereby making a name for The Spectator, and himself. T for now, M in future. Including storylines chronologically from s1 through s6, however later seasons starting in season 4 will have major alternate storylines from what was on the show but for the better! The war with Ice is raging and number of victims is growing.

They have a long way to go if they ever want what they once had. Distraction reviews This an AU moment taking place immediately after Chuck went to “walk it off” in the season 6 premiere.