And that’s also kind of a problem, because it was teased to be. First in AHS which was appropriate in that it was a horror series and now in Glee, what’s next? In glee this character is Sam and Blaine you be trouble by me anyway talk you one to one talk you about something with me I think in trouble you problems in mackinley high school come office talk to figgies about this and talk to Emma Pillsbury what your troubles and problems about this talk worriers me. Retrieved April 13, Am I the only one who didn’t believe for more than two seconds that ridiculous story Sue was feeding Figgings? I loved this episode. They could have gone One Tree Hill. If sue had actually been the shooter, yes, her rant about gun control could have come off that way.

Retrieved April 10, Oh, and Blaine has a thing for straight guys, lets not forget. I don’t think a show like Glee can truly jump the shark because the show’s basic premise is jumping the shark — every frakkin episode! I’m sure when she comes back it’ll somehow get out that it was really becky and sue was covering for her and she’ll be reinstated. To me she has failed Becky. This page was last edited on 11 November , at Nothing about the show is real. Sue didn’t have much choice though.

Like an impending asteroid. To take matters in their own hands and find something that they can protect themselves with, something they’ve seen on TV and in movies countless times. A show like Glee shouldn’t try to take on serious subjects. It was mostly a faceless person knocking them off one-by-one. I couldn’t disagree with you more. So yes, I was expecting something like this. Grimm – Season 4: And they’ll have lost a viewer.

I loved Tina before, I love her now even more! If they were trying to exploit recent tragedies they could have gone worse. Still, I loved their acting, really touching. My stomach literally hurt and I covered up my eyes more than once. Also if you use your PC to watch it, use PotPlayer. And the thing about One Tree Hill is, even though the shooting-arc is playing into current events and manipulating the melodramatic She covered up for Becky who is having problems.


I don’t see any issue with doing a school shooting themed episode, but this wasn’t one. To force these sudden, serious, dramatic themes into the show onlin ridiculous to me. Retrieved April 10, The episode also had some great emotional performances. I remember watching the tv and seeing the ftee finally being rescued and thanking god it wasn’t me there.

Will then leaves them in Beiste’s care and brings Brittany and two other students into the choir room. The acting in those scenes was probably the best I’ve ever seen on Glee and the emotions were ones you x04e18 feel. It wasn’t just “a case-of-the-week” like onlne is on Glee. As a viewer the quickness of all of these e04e18 coming down on the characters I could empathize.

I’m probably reading too much into it, but Katie even capitalized the “U” in her text which leads me to Unique.

It’ll come out what Sue did and why soon enough. I have thought about this Who has watched past seasons of these kids randomly breaking into song and dance numbers and thought, “Yep, that’s how it is. Well, for lack of a better term, stupid. Glee is not one of them, nor should it ever attempt to be. And they are probably never going to talk about it again, like it never happened.

What Sue did is definitely part of the problem but again, something very in character for her. Glee season 4 List of Glee episodes. I mean, I know Jane Lynch is doing Broadway stuff, but that’s a limited engagement. The device by which this end goal was processed could have been anything though. There is nothing genuine about this episode. You’re right, Glee has had serious moments, but it is not a drama. The idea that she’d want to protect herself and kept a loaded gun in her desk for that reason would.

Ryder goes to the choir room the following day, but “Katie” never shows wach. I’m honestly surprised by the number of positive comments for this episode, because I have to say this was the single worst episode of Glee I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, Sam Evans Chord Overstreet announces his love for Brittany and serenades her with ” More Than Words ” in the auditorium, but she struggles with her own feelings, and instead dedicates the song to s04e8 cat, Lord Tubbington, whom she feels is being neglected by her relationship with Sam.


Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Not many shows want to tackle them, but why not?

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Shue for a good portion of this seasonso is she. The only other person it ciuld have been was Buffy told Johnathan that people didn’t hear or see his pain, because they were too busy dealing with their own. So in the next episode there should be dozens or hundreds of students who have PTSD caused by the safety precautions.

Not that I miss NY anyway but I do like the musical numbers. I’m not saying this episode was extraordinary but they did a great job with what they did do. That said, that’s not at all what this episode of Glee was about.

Glee Season 4 Episode 18 Shooting Star s4e18 part 1

I feel really weird about this episode. Ryder even said something about it in this episode.

I watched the Glee project, and I was sure that Ryders secret girl would be Aylin from season This may have finally been the one that does in it for me. Season 1, Journey to Regionals Prevention is always key. It was not downplayed.