The Shinsengumi are forced to guard the Shogun on his first snowboarding trip, but they run into the Yorozuya and mayhem ensues. There’s no time to worry about taking care of customers. The Shinsengumi and Mimawarigumi are now in an all-out fight. Though she’s sad, all she can do is smile. One day, a wavy-haired guy named Sakata Gintoki appears claiming to be the main character!? Who will take care of the shop now? While a phantom killer has been targeting drunkards on the streets, drunk Gin-san walks home and meets a single Grim Reaper who suddenly asks him to assist in its seppuku.

The baby’s hair and eyes closely resembles our idiotic samurai Jellybeans Vanguard Honda is on his fifth year as a Jump editor. Full Cast and Crew. Jugem voice Tomokazu Sugita Edit Cast Episode credited cast: After her husband’s passing and the customer’s disappearance, Katsura and Gin-san look for him, learning of his unexpected identity! Gintoki Sakata voice Kiyohito Yoshikai As the Kiheitai’s ship is about to be attacked the Admiral double crosses Kamui and imprisons him out of fear.

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And then the usual members join in for some real partying As the three leave, Hijikata knocks out Yamazaki, as he was faking his change. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Yorozuya Soul • Arcs

In their search for the one customer who pledged love with her in the past, Gintoki and company obtain information that the customer is the previous Shogun She also protects Tae from the stalker Kondou Isao. Ketsuno Ana has been giving many wrong weather forecasts. Welcome to Tama Quest! Gintoki, Kagura, and every other person has epiwodes Gin-san and Hijikata simultaneously get into an accident, switching their souls in the process.


Gintoki finds a baby left outside the Yorozuya. However, the Mimawarigumi shows no concern for the hostage and plots to place the blame squarely on the Shinsengumi. The TV’s talking about alien abduction epiwodes Shinpachi finds out that he’s a victim. Kagura seems to know who he is Here comes the Yorozuya to help! As a result, Kagura ends up at the hospital Okita is attacked by a girl who claims that her giintama was murdered by him during the Rokkaku massacre years ago.

During her introduction, she tried to take Shimura Tae as her fiancee, though Shimura Shinpachi and the rest stopped her from doing it. Gin, Kondo, Hijkata, Okita, and Shin are stuck in the public bath with the demons.

Kyuubei “Kyuu-chan” Yagyuu

Her superiors now question her commitment. Otose sent a box of crab to the Yoruzuya. But isn’t it a little The Renho join forces with Sakamoto and the Yorozuya against Dark Kykbei and their home planet in order to bring peace to the universe.

The incident is brought back to the surface to find the truth. In recent Gintama chapters, she became the target of jealousy of Katsura Kotarou, as he felt that she is recently becoming more active in kyubsi manga spotlight than him. Gintoki and the others return to Yoshiwara.

The phantom fifth Joui member sends an invitation to have the long-awaited reunion party!! That is, until he helps a girl in trouble on the train, who wants to date him in return. While waiting, Kagura tells the barber that he’s missing a volume of manga, gkntama him to dash out to buy it. The Gintama anime has been through a lot, but Gintoki tells Kagura and Shinpachi to keep it cool.


In episode it’s revealed that, apparently, she really likes Otae’s cooking. Katsura and Gintoki work together, but the mystery around Elizabeth’s origin only continues to thicken There are more and gimtama boys in Edo who can no longer distinguish game from reality like Shinpachi. All three are “freelancers” who search for work in order to pay the monthly rent, which usually goes unpaid anyway. Gintoki bumps into a pickpocketting kid who needs money to buy a woman who he thinks is his mother Kyuubei takes care of monkey, she wants to give a lucky name that she, Tae and Yorozuya think of.

Kagura helps a kyubi, the last part have the yoruzuya and shinsengumi in gnitama bathhouse just as neighbor Hedero arrives with family members visiting Edo.

But the investigation only reveals a shocking truth. With only a photo and a name, these clues lead them to Kabukicho’s Host Club.

List of Gintama Arcs (Anime Order)

At the very end, Jirocho denounces all other names he has ever been called except for Father of Pirako, and goes with his daughter back to the country. Even if it sounds boring or ridiculous, you should still check it out! However, their time together did not last.

Will he be able to endure the pressure and become a Madaonaire!? Kagura writes a letter to her father and also ends up asking why Santa never visits. After a brief conversation Takasugi rescues Kamui at his execution, overthrowing Admiral Lyubei.