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Rashmi Rashmi negi 2 months ago. Deepak Mamgain 1 month ago. Anastasia Belskaia, Ashish Singh. Html code for embedding videos on your blog. Saroj Pandeya 4 months ago. This song is truly dedicated to love

Rajpal Rawat 7 months ago. I love this movie i lo this song hurt touching movie garhwali culture. Rakhi Jairwan 1 year ago. This is not less then heaven. T-Series Regional More From: Sudeep Rawat 8 months ago. Pica khandwal 2 months ago. Ravinder Chauhan 4 days ago. Deepak Mamgain 1 month ago. Andeep Negi 6 months ago. Sohan Singh 8 months ago.

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Nice songs fell proud be gadwali.

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Na Chitthi Aai Teri | Chakrachaal Movie Songs | Nirupa Roy, Trilok Kapoor, Shanu Modak

Dhan Singh Rana 2 months ago. Moni Kumar 6 months ago. Darshan Lakhera 7 months ago. Anastasia Belskaia, Ashish Singh. This song brings yor emotions at all time high. Earth live 6 months ago.

Missing u very much Karishma it’s been 4 years I haven’t seen you I hope wherever u are just be happy and blessed Would you like to comment? Ajay Semwal parrt months ago. Yogi Panwar 4 months ago.

Garhwali Movie Pida Part 1

Aaj kisi ko mtlb nhi hai ek dusre se. Mamta rawat 10 months ago. Ashish Singh 1 year ago. Ruchi Bisht 10 months ago. Pankaj kumar 7 months ago. If you are using facebook than contact me Anand Mani 6 months ago. Manish Sinha New Hindi Ghazal Panwarsandeep Singh 9 months ago. Arvind Aryan 23 days ago. Na Chitthi Aai Teri Movie: Neelam kala 10 months ago.


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