Amma ji questions Madhvi. Sagar has to take medicine as well. You are mistaken to trust these city people. What is the problem if she comes? Come with me so you live with your loved ones. He thinks of cheering her up and starts talking about random stuff. Pooja It is morning. Sagar refuses to let her go.

Only God can save your house. He might leave us only. Bhavya comes to rescue her and multiple herself as many Paris. He will never do it. I will find her on the way and take her with me. She calls it her self-respect. They all run under tree. Ganga does not want to make Babu wait in the morning.

You took a very big risk. She points out that she was not being arrogant. She asks how dare Ganga accused Shiv so falsely and leaves. She will be waiting for you.

Bhavya comes to rescue her and multiple herself as many Paris. I wont let her come back episkde ever! They rush her to home. I even forgot how a girl will live in this big world without her father and husband. She is my best girlfriend. It turns out to be Amma ji and Mehri.

Should we call police? A man is forcefully taking my best friend with him. Ganga tells him to be quiet. You are my best girlfriend. It will take you down one day.


Gangaa – Hindi Serial – Episode 158 – October 09, 2015 – And Tv Show – Webisode

He angrily takes the Prasad from her. Anyone can say anything but I wont let her come back in my house! Sudha can see how happy and anxious Ganga is to go to Chaturvedi House.

Amma ji says Sagar is hungry and so am I. Amma ji questions Madhvi. Sagar and Ganga are sitting at the ghaat. It will surely happen.

They hide under a hut and it starts burning. I will now come to your house only when you will come to take me with gantaa The family gather outside. Madhvi is worried as Sagar has not eaten anything. Ganga and Sagar call spisode for each other. Sagar cannot waste time. You disown me for strangers? Pari sees Bhavya there and thinks what is she doing here. She is so excited to go back to her house.


Shiv was shocked to hear about this all and asks if she is in her senses. Why did Amma ji say so? She cannot come here. In the ashram, Ganga lies down to sleep. I will have to do something. That house is not hers. I had left it epiode dry. Shiv questions if this is what Ganga has understood about it. Sagar is on call with Niru. Why are you forgiving him? I cannot see him like this. She hears a car honk.


Would it mean I have no shame? Why am I hurting her?

Gangaa – Hindi Serial – Episode – October 09, – And Tv Show – Webisode

Niru and Madhvi are under her spell. Manjulika shouts she knows she is not Pari and is some superpower, she escapes from there shouting she will come back and confront her. Sagar and Niru are leaving for the ashram. Ashoka Elisode On Joy prime Movie. I will be grateful to God if that happens. Papa has sent me. He thinks of cheering her up and starts talking about random stuff. In the morning, Amma ji wakes up.