The New Adventures of Superman. May 27, at 6: I feel the same way. Eh Somewhat Personally I love the show. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In , he co-starred in the London staging of the musical Promises, Promises , reprising his film role in this show based on The Apartment. Like Liked by 2 people. Overall I think it was a fairly successful project.

Goofs The amount of flour that lands on Jesse and Michelle changes between shots. The irony, it burns… Like Like. This is the best review of this show ever. Surely you work, have friends.. Jesse takes Michelle to school and her teacher asks her if she has anything to share for show and tell. I will never be sad ever again when an old person dies after seeing this. It caught me off guard to see some things written in the original post clearly! Like Liked by 2 people.

The irony, it burns…. It caught me off guard to see some things written in the original post clearly! Stephanie Tanner Mary-Kate Olsen Although the purpose of that story still remains unclear, Papouli is dead now and life is precious so DJ and Kimmie Gibbler patch things up.

This just might be the worst episode of Full House yet eplsode the reason that it was the best review?

Jack Kruschen

He appeared in the recurring role of “Grandpa Papadopolis” on Webster —87and in the early s, as another Greek grandfather and as Pam and Jesse’s grandfather, Iorgos “Papouli” Katsopolis on Full House appouli, appearing in only two episodes before his character is killed off in the episode, “The Last Dance”.

It was a cop out—because there might have been real emotions felt by the viewer and that would have been Papoul.

It takes death to bring us together as a family sadly. It conveyed the right tone in every way. This site uses cookies. Again, this is just fucking nonsense. August 5, at 4: Jesse says that he feels helpless and that he wishes he could have been there so he could do something to help Papouli. Dreyfuss in the comedy-drama The Apartment.


Season 7, Episode 17, “The Last Dance” |

After reading your response I feel was possibly too defensive. I found this to be really interesting.

Ok, so, try to follow diea here. In the end, Michelle – with help from Danny and Jesse – does the only thing possible: I guess that this was supposed to be some sort of grand dramatic performance for whichever Olsen twin that is, who makes an even uglier face than usual as she sort of almost convincingly forces herself to cry. Marjorie Ullman —; divorced; 2 children Violet Rafaella Mooring —; her death Mary Pender —; fulll death.

April 30, at 9: This section does not cite any sources. August 4, at 5: Retrieved from ” https: November 6, at 1: As a matter of fact, I appreciate you doing so.

Full House – S 7 E 17 – The Last Dance

Personally I was sad when he died. This article does not cite any sources. That vull the most abrupt transition in this history of television.

Audible Download Audio Books. The rest of the review, ehhh… I think the author too often confused being mean spirited with being funny. You are right that I did not research Greek culture before writing this article. The comments on that video are hilarious. I feel they had a board meeting prior to writing this episode and decided that they needed to add a PSA episode about dealing with the death of someone close to you.

Tanner as Candace Cameron. This is the best review of this show ever.

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Email required Address never made public. Miss Barnes Jurnee Smollett-Bell All of this from a show whose fulo was built on the fact that the mother of these girls was killed in her prime in a car crash.


Start With a Classic Cult. Want to Make a Cult Classic? This episode as a kid made me understand death a whole lot better.

The Best Episodes of Full Des. Instead of doing what would have been a fan favorite and offing Joey I am with you and everyone else on that onethey chose a character that they knew no one cared about. Joey says that Danny buying the boat makes sense because the death of Papouli is a reminder that life is short even though Papouli was at least years old when he died and you have to realize your dreams, which, for Danny, houae traveling around in a boat and having anal fulll with Joey.

Add the first question. The next really crazy edit is when we see Danny with a boat in their backyard… wait what??? July 8, at 2: I was here because I stumbled across the post. Sadly, the bonding activities foreshadow the very worst: Someone should die in every episode.

It seems like Stephanie is dealing with her own grief epiode tampering with her younger sisters emotions, which is the only way she can feel any sort of control in this situation.

July 5, at 2: But if that is the case then they need to be aware that there are people who will disagree with their findings and they are allowed to express their own opinions as they have done.