Any suggestions are very welcome. But when I let the cron or daemon do the job, I always get this error: Wiki engines drive patient data stores, repositories for ideas or documentation, and treasure troves of knowledge of all kinds. News Kali Linux Error updating data from tvdb: Recursion is set to True. The developer community has kept a fairly low profile for a couple of years, but extensions like Snorby, OpenFPC, and Pulled Pork have given the old hog a new lease on life.

I need that in order to get links from linkpages, that list other linkpages. Could not start manager: Thanks to plugins, you can customize the tool to meet your requirements. Are you running Python 2. Snort is the de facto standard for open source network intrusion detection. Indents in YAML are always exactly two spaces wide and define the relationship between the entries.

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Or is it not a good idea? Errors after upgrading to version 2. Error updating data from tvdb: It doesn’t seem to recognise anything that is not formatted in “ep” format and I’d rather not use the regexp flexgeet detailed in http: Crash report – Unhandled error in lazy lookup plugin.

Keep your edge with these powerful Linux administration tools: The use of a Cron job is the perfect way to avoid having to trigger the program manually every week. Unhandled exception during task queue run loop.

I think, that would make FlexGet more flexible. Thank you very much! Here is my last crash-report: For a deeper understanding, I can recommend the excellent FlexGet pzth. I am using python3. Hello, I don’t know if I should open a bug report right away or start here first.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’m using git to download flexget and I’m working in a virtualenv for the moment to get this version up and running. Can ‘t find subs for YIFY priority: Hi all, I’ve tried modifying the config listed here: Why is the plugin removing torrents finished only a minutes ago?

Even when faced with marginal syntax errors, FlexGet will refuse to cooperate. I’ve not yet tinkered with it yet to see what even happens, but I’m guessing: The use of tabs is prohibited. A graphical user interface [3] is currently on the development roadmap, but the current offering is still fairly rudimentary. My folders are as follows:.

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Look for duplicated episodes adn delete them. Start by typing which flexget to determine the path to the executable part of FlexGet: Did not pass schema validation. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Are you the publisher? The software tool initially requires some fairly complex configuration work, but once you have understood the principle and automated various applications, it will save lfexget a huge amount of time. Python should normally have SQLite support built in.

For example, f,exget Series [8] filter gives you many control options for retrieving precisely what you want.

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Email Required, but never shown. The first step is to deries FlexGet. Installation The first step is to install FlexGet.

Check if my config is correct.


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I don’t know if I should open a bug report right away or start here flexgef. Accept lower quality as p seems unavailable priority: If you’re running correct version of Python then it is not equipped with SQLite.

My folders are as follows: DokuWiki is a useful wiki system already, but you can take its functionality to a whole new level using some of the available plugins. In my case, the output is 1.

It should look like that:. Traceback most recent call last: After taking care of whatyou can now move on to when ; that is, how often you want FlexGet to look for new entries. I execute the following command: Only known plugin names are valid keys. The idea ist to allow a Liste as input.

The FlexGet [1] Python tool specializes in automating Torrent, Usenet, podcast, comics, movie, and series downloads. I’m curious if there is a way to do what I need, but my reading hasn’t given me anything to fit. Since patj couple of days I get the following issue when I try to run flexget. Look for next season The starting flexbet of any configuration file is a task, which defines both the name and the plugins it contains.

Error in moving files task.

Recursion is set to True.