Needs Wiki Magic Love. When I sit down to watch a ninja movie, part of the appeal is the costume itself and what outlandish things the ninja will do in it. Last Man Standing Video He would then become an assassin, who works for a group criminals called The Ring. While this tycoon’s presence doesn’t really connect with the story, and is mostly unnecessary, the addition of The Cross provides the picture with countless goons to be dispatched by both the hero and villain of the tale. I was lucky enough to interview Scott last year on behalf of Combat magazine, and we talked quite a bit about this film.

However, the resolution of their duel considerably makes up for that shortchanging. While the history of onscreen ninjing dates back almost as far as cinema itself, the tropes and iconography we ninjologists know and love were created in that glorious decade of neon skylines, rippling muscles and excessive force. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. The one time I longed for a stunts featurette and the studio doesn’t provide. More Top Movies Trailers. The highest praise I can heap upon Ninja is that there is absolutely no fat on this thing. User Polls What is your favourite fighting style?

However, the dojo’s top student Masazuka Tsuyoshi Ihara becomes increasingly bitter over Namiko’s friendship with Casey until one morning, during a sparring match, he loses his temper and nearly kills Casey by throwing a katana at him.

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A slightly lesser but still great sequel, Ninja: From there Casey and Namiko head to America with the chest, to hide it, when they are pursued by Masazuka, and all hell breaks nimja from there you know, plenty of fights, kicks and awesome flips! This slideshow requires JavaScript. Director, Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins keep delivering the goods when they work together.

If you picture ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ but with blood and for an adult audience then you have ‘Ninja’.

Totally predictable and extremely corny with all the regular goodie and baddie cliches but admittedly Adkins the goodie ninja guy has probably the best looking torso I’ve seen since Jason Scott Lee in ‘Dragon: As a child, Ninjx Bowman found himself orphaned in Japan after his mother fled to America to escape his alcoholic father whose addiction ultimately got the best of him.


Curse of the Dragon Undisputed II: A pulse-racing and action-packed thrill-ride that you will love to watch. Brad Curran September 5, MoviesReviews.

Anticipating an invasion by Masazuka, the sensei sends Casey and Namiko to New York to guard an old chest called the Yoroi Bitsu, which fiilm the suit and weapons of the ninja who started the dojo. Shadow of a Tear. Even dead people know this to be true.

Shadow of a Tear With battles as frequent as this, the story is a pretty trivial element. Edit Did You Know? Bear in mind that many of the stunts in the dojo attack scenes were performed by real black belts. From the earliest days of childhood, Brad Curran was utterly fascinated by martial arts, his passion only growing stronger after spending time living in the melting pot of Asian cultures that is Hawaii.

Before they leave, Casey decapitates Masazuka. The Kids Are Alright. You need to login to do this. Never Back Down Folks, this is a really fun, comic-booky kind of ninja film. Enable All Save Changes. The Bruce Lee Story’! But if this film gets four stars, Ninja II earns at least The action and the story merge well; there are no lags, bad edits or laughable lines of dialogue. And if you can’t suspend some disbelief, don’t bother. We grew up at the same time in the same city, presumably watching the same martial arts movies and while I never quite graduated from doing that, he went out and learned how to fight for real, and in became an even more convincing American Ninja than Dudikoff himself.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The movie Ninja was released inand was a real movie for Scott Adkins fans -filled with Martial Arts fights and acrobatic action. As long as there are strip-mall dojos and martial arts fans who wish to see their kick-fantasy shenanigans acted out on celluloid, there will be movies like Ninja. The Shaakster’s Martial Arts Movies. Casey is saddened that he is unable to save Namiko.


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However, realising that Masazuka will be back, Sensei tells Casey and Namiko to flee to a secret location in New York, taking the Yoroi Bitsu with them and setting in motion a frenetic international chase scene that lasts pretty much the whole film. American Ninja and the many Sho Kosugi flicks.

Some things, like the Temple cult, are ridiculous, masaauka we know they are there for Casey to beat up on, which he masazhka, and does well. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

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Ninja with Scott Adkins

He calls Masazuka and sets up a meeting place to exchange the “Yoroi Bitsu” for Namiko’s life. Playing it straight worked exceptionally for the film; it helps make it that much more believable. They are tracked down by Masazuka, who sends Temple’s thugs to take down the couple. In fact, about minutes of the film is pure ninja action. Sensei Takeda, the wise head master of the Koga ninjitsu school, took Casey in as a child and brought him up as his student and adoptive son.

However, but upon remembering his sensei’s teachings of a ninja’s katana possessing the power to both kill and heal, he discovers the antidote inside the handle of his katana.

I am officially i think 40 minutes into this. Retrieved from ” https: In addition, iflm may have a deeper level of respect and appreciation for Adkins, as you two were virtually neighbors.