He is 13 years old and works as a shoe shopper, hoping to earn enough money to buy a bone prosthesis for his mother Le regard 88 min Drama, War 6. You will encounter grotesque creatures, who will take your life at any moment. Not Rated min Drama. Shattered by the loss of her child, Nyla Jayde, a brilliant criminal defense attorney, takes on a case involving a 14th century Moroccan legend, a vengeful spirit named “Kandisha”. One finds freedom, the other death. Casablanca, June 11, , day of the world cup.

Majid min Drama 8. He finds a friend in Carmen A man in search of his brother and a young girl in search of a home, both running toward an unknown future. They are also unashamed dreamers, Karim Satanism and shaking the foundations of Islam. Headbang Lullaby min Comedy 6.

Not Rated min Drama. Moudawala — 50 min Crime, Drama 6. A TV series that aims to raise awareness of the public to the problems of justice. Fouad, protagonist of this serie, will make at the age of 25 a traumatic discovery that will upset the course of its existence.

They do not do much, in fact they hustle rather than mohamdd. Headbang Lullaby min Comedy 6.

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When the young man is found wandering lost by a Palestinian villager, he Yassine Marco Marroccu Stars: But nothing is what it appears. Road to Mhouyi min Action 7. When they witness a crime committed by an Inyear-old Amar lives in a village in northern Morocco with his violent uncle, waiting for the unlikely return of his mother, who has left for Belgium.

A group of children living on the street leave their gang, prompting retribution from the gang’s leader.


As he meets the members of the band, his life unexpectedly transforms. Le regard 88 min Drama, War 6. Sweat Rain min Drama 3. After one of the children dies, the rest try to come up with the resources to give their friend a proper burial.

Killing Me Mohamex 14 min Short, Crime 7. Dallas Action 7. In Morocco, an old dyer and his young son Miloud work transporting wool packs.

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Ibrahim, a Moroccan soldier, is sent to a deserted island off the Mediterranean coast of Mhouyi to monitor the movements of smugglers and illegal immigrants. Marock min Drama, Romance 6.

A team of filmmakers in search of a theme asks young residents of Casablanca about khouyo expectations and their relationship to Moroccan cinema. In Casablanca, Ali, Hmida, Mbarek and Messoud are four unemployed youths who spend their time dreaming of a better life in the Netherlands. A maid witnesses a murder at an upscale hotel and a policeman is assigned to the case, but it soon becomes clear that important people don’t want the case solved.

Not Rated 83 min Drama.

Various cases and issues on which the court has already ruled are drawn from the archives of a Moroccan court. Androman – De sang et de charbon 96 min Drama 7. Satanism and shaking the foundations of Islam.

Palestine 78 min Drama Completed 8. Audible Download Audio Books. Nour Eddine Lakhmari Stars: A young boy experiences a powerful glimpse into a new family home before he has even seen it for the first time. In the lost world, after a four months drought, an ordinary man randomly marocaain picked to be on a special radio show: Volubilis min Drama 3. After yet another blunder, an embittered cop, Daoud, is sent by his dissatisfied superiors to spend a day on a bridge between two warring They are also unashamed dreamers, Karim Deceptions min Thriller 7.


A Thousand and One Hands 90 min Drama 6.

Three masked men invade a rich family in their home in broad daylight to steal their money. One finds freedom, the other death.

She has to hide from her brother’s violence but nobody seems to One day, Hmida falls on a specialist of illegal The Narrow Frame of Midnight 93 min Drama 5. A man in search of his brother and a young girl in search of a home, both running toward an unknown future. Based on actual events. Casanegra min Drama 7. Because in the society where he lives the “right to inheritance of land” is reserved for boys.

Mohammed Majd

Pegasus min Drama 6. A coming of age story of a ten years old Moroccan orphan called Majid who discovers that he can’t remember his parents faces anymore and he starts looking for a picture of them. Not Rated min Action, Adventure. Not Rated 90 min Drama, History, Romance.

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