Rob also found Doug’s credit as the writer a joke also because Rob had helped him wrote the script. They are all very mean-spirited and tend to speak only in a shouting voice, complete with exaggerated arm gestures and painfully contorted facial expressions, and there isn’t really a single character for the audience to like and connect with. They all have their own special qwerks that make them, them. I mean he has created a very likable TV show if you like his sort of humour and also a movie buff, but here EVERY complaint you’ll see him raise in reviews for other movies in this one. Although Doug Walker was doing his part pretty well, the rest of the crew wasn’t used to this kind of acting, as it clearly shows. Usually they are the birthplace of good original stories. If anything about this sounds appealing to you, be sure to find out who these people are first, or, well, that’s what’ll happen.

Not content with looking like a first grade idiot, the Critic also made Kickassia into a massive and horrible tribute to himself and his site. I give it a 6 because I’m a fan, and I still got some laughs out of it I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. I loved the scenes with Spoony, Linkara and Cinema Snob as well as now there’s going to be some spoilers here the transformation of Spoony into his Insano persona which was epic. As a result, any inside jokes referencing reviews will go over a new comer’s head. I guess that Brad Jones the Cinema Snob is somewhat likable, but his role is quite small, to where you couldn’t really classify him as a protagonist in any respect.

Not to mention the shaky-camera in the invasion scene is the worst.

In the end the scene is completed with a mildly funny pun, mostly in form of cheesy one-liner. The editing and sound design I feel could have been a little better done but I guess in order to avoid that stupid not cool insert swear here copyright crap! Again, if the ‘movie’ is on IMDb, it is sold on DVD, and the ‘actors’ are also on IMDb, then it can be as mercilessly reviewed as the reviewers please because it calls itself a movie.


“Kickassia” Film Brain Commentary (Part 1) – video dailymotion

Many say that the site has decreased in quality, which is something I wholeheartedly agree with. Benzaie came all the way from France. This means the comedy is really weak, and the nonexistent acting capabilities painfully emphasize this. Granted, good stuff is produced regularly and has good entertainment value, but people new to the site at this point would have trouble understanding most of the jokes and running gags mentioned throughout the film.

Just to underline the sheer money-grabbing monstrosity of Kickassia, the damn thing is now for sale on DVD.

User Reviews

Obviously your not going to get all the jokes and cameos if your not familiar with the characters and in jokes from TGWTG. For the crew behind Channelawesome.

However, as soon as they take over the place and rename it Kickassia, the plot sort-of stops fllm then The best way to see if a comedy is really funny, is if I remember it afterwords. Best to Worst Films I Watched from Their previous one year anniversary special didn’t bode well, but this film takes the raging Internet egotism and desperately unfunny in-jokes to hitherto unprecedented levels. The Critic is of course present throughout the “movie” and is dressed up as Bison, from the Street Fighter movie.

They all have their own special qwerks that make them, them. This movie was pretty much a waste of 1: The film is about The Nostalgia Critic wanting to takeover a 1-acre plot of land called Molassia.


The only other element that feels obligatory and also bad is the special effects. The cinematography for the budget and camera is great not that I even have a camera even close to that and the music really fits the scenes! Kickassia is the last thing I watched from That Guy with the Glasses, and with good reason: I won’t complain about any technical stuff. I for one, only watch Doug Walker’s videos and Lindsey Ellis’ nostalgia chick. Comedy – I’m sorry, but there isn’t a single joke in this movie that is original in any way.

The humor isn’t helped by the plodding comedic timing where the writers take far too long with the punchline. And evidently, the ear rape is top-notch, since Kickassia involves levels of screaming, shouting and yelling never before reached by Humanity.

He based it on the Castlevania video games. Anyway I found it funny and entertaining and would certainly watch Kickassia again.

“Kickassia” Film Brain Commentary (Part 1)

I’m not crazy about the ending, though I understand why they chose it. It was a reference to one of the tropes in our show! The fence scene is a perfect example. The Gamers, Ikckassia 2: This isn’t a major movie production.

As time goes on he becomes mad with power and people then fight him for control over the micro-nation. Kickassia Video Did You Know?