Ah Jung sasses right back, saying that Ki Joon puts up a front of being so capable and so arrogant, yet inside him and here she uses her finger to point to his heart there still resides a little boy who loves make toy models. Yoon Joo looks in pain, turning around and walking away with a determined look on her face. Remember what Ki Joon told his mat-seon date in episode 1? The ducklings still talk in Joseon syntax. Now that would suck! Ki Joon walks behind her and presses himself right up next to her and casually mentions how this Jeju is clearly a natural scenic wonder. He deserves 2x slap on both cheeks.

Manliner plus drunken forlornness shouldn’t be hot but somehow it works HwanHye deserves something better but i guess the simpleness of the story and the OTP which is the biggest factor of all makes the entire show a hit. We see them sitting together inside the ship and poor Ki Joon looking worse for wear. I imagine PDA was not the rule years ago, so for him to feel strongly enough to kiss her backlit by sodium vapour lights on the top of the building seems pretty bold. He sits out on the roof all night, and in the morning, Park-ha returns from her trip to Pohang. During the tv shows, not dating episode 9 online marriage, upload original content, hong kong, video clips, not dating ep 11 with subtitles.

I’ve spent the last couple of episodes trying to figure out what it is about Micky that has me so Because humans feel more pain? Romance novels get a bad rap because of their bosom-heaving covers, lol-tastic titles and some admittedly horrendous books in the lower-echelon ranks, but also remember that out of all genres of fiction, it is the best selling not sure about other countries, but romance in the US is a multi-billion dollar empire.


Micky has an even dead sexier singing voice What YG said to GY about how so many other people have scars too The confession, and then the acceptance kiss. Manliner plus drunken forlornness shouldn’t be hot but somehow it works Though it does look somewhat peculiar with me being calm this minute, next I go into my bedroom, and minutes later when im a ways into the show they hear me screaming heheh.

He’ll have to go back far enough to change both their fates. Some records say they are step-brothers, with Dongseong as the older one, and Muryeong the younger. If it were me, I wouldn’t pull that veil off.

Hihi, my route exactly: I think the three ducklings only have an accent when they respond to Yi Gak “Jeongha! And don’t forget that there fashiion a quick kinf to SeNa’s father who has remained nameless. Anyways, we still have out dear Ms.

Thanks for the recaps: To this day, I dont Joo-wons mom name, all I can call her is…. I kint on re-freshing your page…hehehe I really love this drama…i do hope they add 4 more episodes and make it 20!!! Reminds me of how in Secret Garden, Joo Won actually learned to care about how important her stunt double job was fahion Ra Im, and made an effort to help her land the role in the movie.

To an earlier comment that the writer forgets that KJ agrees to wait till YR epframa over him, my take on this that I posted at soompi. Swye April 26, at 8: Thanks soooo much for such a comprehensive details n yr summary of tots too — this is so great!!

Fashion King episode 13 English Sub – video dailymotion

Wall, bed, shower, balcony!!! I found another site if episodde want to watch raw: I like how you think!!! Double thanks for filling in the blanks for Sang Hee.


Episode 11 was all Ah Jung and Ki Joon, all the time. Hence, the contract in his pocket. Ok, that was giving me nauseas!!

Now if only I spoke Korean. Yes, this time round, GJ would fight tooth and nail to keep AJ by his side if he had to. Madly Tae-mu works this through his brain, fitting the pieces together.

Thanks Koala for sharing your thoughts. We still got tons of couple-outfits even their pajamas matched! Oh well, I’ll just have to watch it again subbed If they complete their “mission” in the present day, will they be automatically transported back in time? They thank Ah Jung and leave.

Chairman Chen laughs and tells the Minister that Ki Joon is married to Ah Jung and they are a loving affectionate and loving couple. Jeju has scenery, rocks, and women. Kissy-kissy bang-bang every where!!!!

You cantw atch it 111 Viki? I’m not even a JYJ fan but man, is that swoony.

Marriage not dating ep 10 eng sub

Slow and hot since Ah Jung did ask for slow. Many episodes no login required to get the following marriage, not dating episode 10 eng sub has been released. I don’t even care about his redemption anymore. In english sub has been released. Sang Hee ming out that Ah Jung took a trip to Jeju. It has both a happy and a sad epdrzma in that Seo Dong and Princess Sunhwa ended together, but they only got to be together for only 13 years, if I remember correctly.