In a double elimination, contestants must work in teams of two of their choice to create a modern Mother Goose character with a twist. Miranda – Silvery-cheeked hornbill. Was there a veteran you were particularly excited to see on day one? I never thought in the beginning that I was going to win and that was never my goal. Tate, Roy and Laura Reward: Tate – Egyptian vulture Safe: A review of the eight veteran contestants’ performances in their respective seasons by McKenzie and the judges along with a preview of the new season.

Laney loves design and fabrication the most, and is accomplished in prosthetic application. Laney has been doing makeup since the age of 17, when she used to work in a family owned haunted attraction. During the end credits there is a note that states ‘During the taping of this episode, it became apparent that a rules violation occurred. I want to see this episode. Here are all the deets: My goal when I started, when I first wanted to become a makeup artist… I actually wanted to do makeup on [dead] bodies, the deceased. The artists must create the head under the hood for the iconic Grim Reaper. Tate – Egyptian vulture Safe:

‘Face Off’ exit Q&A: ‘I honestly don’t regret the decision I made’ |

Face Off Cast All Cast. Views Read Edit View history. In the new season the contestants will face extreme challenges that will inspire them to create the most magnificent characters and creatures in Face Off history. The artists must create an original dark elf character reflecting ancient Norse runes.


Catherine Hardwicke Top Foundations: The models actual members of the Cirque Berzerk troupe will perform as members of an intergalactic circus troupe. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat The contestants worked in teams to create futuristic versions of Frankenstein’s monster and his bride.

Director James Wan announced via satellite that the winner will receive a copy of Insidious and attend the red carpet premiere of Insidious Chapter 2 with a friend. The end credits of episode five note a rule violation occurred, although details are unknown until episode eleven, when the contestant leaves the competition. We have worked together before. Naked and Painted, is of course in support of new series Naked Vegas, the body painting show, but adding in McKenzie Westmore as host of the special gives it a definite bump in coolness.

Was there a veteran you were particularly excited to see on day one? Close Search Search Type to Search. Bryan Fuller Top Looks: Happily, Syfy has agreed, today announcing the pickup of a sixth season, as well as two specials that will air next month in the weeks after the November 5th Season 5 finale.

‘Face Off’ exit Q&A: ‘I honestly don’t regret the decision I made’

The artists each pick a rune, but are only told its meaning after choosing. We went to makeup school together.

Hypothetically speaking, if you were to have completed this last Spotlight Challenge, what would you have created? One of the specials, Face ;arkhurst Newbie Laney Parkhurst — who had found herself in the bottom two with Holecko — seemed especially melancholy. As I was coming down to it, I was noticing as people left how upsetting it was. North HollywoodLos AngelesCalifornia.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This season of Face Off has been the best ever.

Laney Parkhurst

The artists must create an original makeup inspired by Elvira. Their [creations] look so awesome. The artists are divided into four teams of two, of their aprkhurst.

When went to makeup school, that was my goal, but once I got out I started falling in love with special effects and I ended up getting a job in an effects shop. This is the first season to feature the return of eight prior contestants competing against eight new contestants. Laura Lyma Roy Safe: I feel at peace with it. Laura Tyler of Orlando, Floridawas the winner of the season.

As a fan, I started to look at it like I really wanted to see the remaining veterans battle it out. Immunity and a fully stocked parkhhrst kit from Kryolan.

Seasin got down to the point where we were so busy all the time that I had no idea what day it was. Eddie RJ Scott Winner: Tate, Roy and Laura Reward: