Goddess Of Marriage – Episode 9. Ah, yes, Kim Ji-hoon. Ah, the annoying JejuFriend makes a re-appearance! I hate him too for what he is putting her through – what he has done to her by marrying her, selfishly. Seriously how many days hunched by the bed is it now? Her face is blank and stony.

Ji-hye cooks for her friend – wow, she looks happy! Not to mention, like Grandma in Soon Shin – no matter what happens to anyone, it’s actually only really about how terrible it is for HER. He wants her to have an abortion! But will he finally DO something? Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Goddess Of Marriage – Episode 7.

What about the fact that AnchorDick is now the housekeeper for his sister -in-law?


Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news. My Minds Flower Marrigae Episode He tells her he would divorce her immediately, if it weren’t for her brother, taking the fall for her.

FallenBiatch keeps hiding in her room. No, I have never had that dream. If he seriously wants to be taken seriously, he’s got epdraam break ties with his awful horrible terrible family.

She falls into a love triangle with two men I don’t really feel sorry for her at all.

It’s too bad that you can’t really see it since it’s couched in such melodramatic, over-exaggerated terms. Not always, but often to escape reality. The Empress Of China Episode Both are marrying sorry figures, who are really not to blame for the terribleness of their family.


I’m just tired tonight or I’d still be ranting about Fish Lips yelling at the little girl. It was nice of him, I agree. But will he finally DO something? To escape the burdens of everyday life, to experience butterflies, to swoon Just making a point. Kim Ji-hoon, see how I am suffering for you???? I hope her head burst open and her brain flows out.

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Because that would be All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. The youngest son is at epdraama for not pulling some shady deal to protect the son who did shady deals.

When Tae-wook gets home next he only comes home 3 times a week, btw, and only to sleepJi-hye is gordess some secret writing. Tae-wook, who does not yet know about the storm brewing at his place, meets the Slimebag.

Epdrama 36 marriage of goddess ep

It might be too late, but if he has ANY chance of saving his marriage or his professional reputation, it’s 233 now. It is full of terrible, hateful people. Or can be, for some. JejuFriend wanted a baby and got pregnant really quickly, but her musician husband I’m so glad I don’t have to see him!!! Ji-hye cooks for her friend – wow, she looks happy!


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Let’s just say I’m glad the writer has a few more surprises in stock. He’s protecting the name, not the person.

It’s her home, she can have whomever she wants – as long as husband is ok with it, of course. And let’s face it, he must have been awesome in bed.

Cause Tae-wook really is an okay kind of person. Goddess Of Marriage – Episode Now it has happened: Goddess Of Marriage – Episode 8. I know it, but I don’t feel it, and so I look at her and I just feel impatient.

I do agree that it’s time for glddess to make a decisive move, if that’s where you’re going with this. But thanks for mentioning them btw, JoAnne, I hear people are afraid to comment on here because they like the couples we hate?