Is he looking to head back to the big screen? Meanwhile, Nancy reveals to Linda that she thinks Mick could have killed Dean, despite him denying it. River Song is back! Jay steps in to help Phil. Shabnam then finds herself isolated from Stacey and her family, and turns to Kush for support, but gets more than she bargained for when she ends up sleeping with him. Retrieved 13 September

Soon Gordon offers to give Aaron the money to buy the pub but Aaron thinks he’s trying to buy him off and angrily grabs him. Although her health improves, she refuses to speak to Alfie, so he tells her how he feels about her. Cersei, Daenerys and Ramsay are in the fold. In the weeks leading up to 15 November , BBC1 unofficially transmitted the occasional programme in its new colour system, to test it. Tina finds herself in a terrifying situation. Fatboy becomes suspicious of Dot’s behaviour, following her to a block of flats. He would take the rap for Bobby, says Harry Reid”. Kim fears the worst when she is confronted by Vincent, forcing her to come clean about what she saw.

One resident reveals some exciting news.

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Whitney receives some worrying news. Cersei, Daenerys and Ramsay are in the fold. Fatboy becomes suspicious of Dot’s behaviour, following her to a block of flats.

Max grows concerned about Jack’s intentions. As the party develops, Fatboy is annoyed when Martin kisses Donna for a bet, and the two fight. Kat feels sorry for Alfie when she notices he has accepted a job as a road sweeperbut Alfie is delighted when Ian asks him to take over from Peter on the Beale’s stall. Sharon is one of EastEnders original characters, appearing in the first episode broadcast on 19 Februarythe character was conceptualised by Tony Holland and Julia Smith, the creators of EastEnders.


Shakil struggles to cope with the gossip. Abi gets up to no good. Ricky Norwood as Fatboy Eastenders. He is suspicious and realises when speaking to Coras granddaughter Lauren Branning that Cora knows the prostitute involved, Cora apologises to the Carters when her daughter Rainie, the prostitute, confesses that she lied about Mick.

Kathy fails to convince Gavin he can go on the run again, and as he goes to light a fuse, Sharon arrives. Jane tells her to take Beth for a walk, but Cindy cannot handle the pressure and abandons her in the park. Brown and Bardon won awards for their screen partnership, on 31 JanuaryDot became the first character ever to appear in a monologue episode, Pretty Baby. The Carter and Branning families discuss funeral arrangements: You spend more time even with the characters, the apparent villains grow less apparently villainous.

Later, they are shocked to find that they have won the lottery. Is he looking to head back easteneers the big screen? Ian confirms that he did kill Lucy but everyone is protecting him out of love.

Laurel is distraught and full epislde sadness as she heads off reeling with the enormity of the news. Whitney begins to have doubts. Mick is stunned when Alfie suggests that he buys the Queen Vic, and Mick and Linda consider the offer.

Also, a storyline begins to unfold around a mysterious women called Claudette Ellen Thomaswho Les Coker Roger Sloman often meets up with. Retrieved 5 January Nancy struggles with Dean’s easenders when he decides to help out at the bar.

EastEnders already have their Christmas storylines planned

The weekly omnibus edition, which aired on Sundays, was cancelled and ceased airing in April Linda eastenddrs Mick return home, and a stressed Nancy snaps and demands that Linda tells her the truth. Tamwar confronts Aleks over his discovery, but Aleks, who is recovering from his realisation of Roxy’s affair with Charlie, reacts negatively and fires him. Dot Branning returns to Albert Square following prison stint”.


Linda hands Jade a Christmas goodie bag. Having won a small fortune, Robert and Carla celebrate with a drink. Two episodes were broadcast on 19 February including an hour-long special earlier in the night, followed by the show’s first flashback episode in which viewers would relive the eastenderw leading up to Lucy’s death.

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They bid their emotional farewells to their parents, and walk off into the distance. Reggie n Bollie Ref: Things grow even worse for Jay. Retrieved 9 February It is a dark day in Walford as Stan’s health deteriorates rapidly overnight. An upsetting truth dawns on Honey.

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Ian then does a deal with Phil: Billy gets some worrying news. Jane tries to get through to Ian.

He follows her orders, and she reveals to Mick that she wishes to buy the Queen Vic. Steven struggles to stay in control. Has Charlie Cotton just been killed by Ronnie and Vincent? Much to Zoes frustration, Kat is often over-protective of her, when Zoe announces her decision move to Spain with their uncle Harry, Kat refuses to allow her to go. Kim turns to Patrick for support. Max is forced to give Jack a reality check. Mel finds herself in a eatenders position.

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