Seung Jae is really despicable. Odell Titsworth 5 episodes, I had been praying to the drama gods that Amy would turn out to be a typical k-drama second lead beoch What the heck are the other Kdrama male leads wearing that I’ve never noticed their legs till RSY and his limbs came on screen? Oh I just remember Most of us critique over her character.

One of my kdrama shipping wish is for Joon Ryol and Hyeri to reunion in a drama in future. It was priceless, watching Su-ho justifying the turban-wearing-smiling-man emoticon. I do not recognise who you’re however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger if you happen to are not already. She got hold of a phone and I loved how she contacted Woon-kwang first.. I could see how he felt in every twitch of an eyebrow, the creasing of his forehead, the glinting of his eyes and a lot more. He is comic gold in this! I read these comments and see only repetition of expectations for Seol woo to give up his entire identity and life choices because he feels something for Do ha who is nothing but a selfish emotional leech who only takes she has no consideration that other people are not here for her to project her emotions over them, I expect more from her character than cry daydream and get herself in trouble, to deserve Sun woo love. I’d originally thought it was some sort of redemption at least that SJ seemed to adore his son.

He had me when he said “Shouldn’t you guys be launching satellites to track Do-Ha”. She saw the camera watching her, so she went where the camera couldn’t capture her. I love how sometimes normal she is by holding up herself and overthinking about everything untill people accused her bland and boring, believe it or not many people does that.

I could see how he felt in every twitch of an eyebrow, the creasing of his forehead, the glinting of his eyes and a lot more. And she did everything she could to help Woon-kwang in the background, without her husband’s knowledge, but now she fears that Seung-jae might be on to her and possibly separate her from her son, Jae-young, so she’s going to stand behind her husband to keep her son.


YY May 14, at 1: He really cared for her a lot.

It would be great to see them both. I never ever gush over a guys legs ever in any peisode my posts. Dramaatized super popular in Korea, so I guess there is an audience for that. Share this Rating Title: It’s soft and tender as supposed to be forced kiss.

This time, yes Shim BoNui is still boring, but for the first time I have seen her playing with her eyes. She’s super smart but with bad luck. And seriously, Suho is the poster boy for any person who is sick with love.

It was priceless, watching Su-ho justifying the turban-wearing-smiling-man emoticon. I blame the PD or the writer.

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epksode Reply enjoy 40hrs of Ryu Junyeol being highschooler 2. They hear Woon-kwang struggling outside, and so Seol-woo hurries to lend his brother a hand.

I always think it takes a little bit of bravery to go against popular opinion. Pretty part of content. You know, after dramatize about this some more, the answer might be very simple, from what we’ve seen of agent K.

They think there might be a leak in their ranks who notified Ki-chul before they could get there. Also lets talk about the villains once. It’s so beautiful especially in the last episode watching them opening up to each other, understanding more fuy one another, and making all that effort. HJE is def pulling her weight and i fail to understand how y’all are not seeing that.

For me the problem is that they seem to have spent so much effort and time eoisode out SH’s character and giving it so many quirks, but BN is strangely njce toned.

To me and I believe to most of us here, it was way more satisfying that saying any words with what we saw on his face and his actions when DH was abducted. Oh Bonnui, stop torturing our poor, thawing robot boy so keke that lovestruck grin we’re soooo not tired of.

I’m of the opinion that her character is very one sided, frustrating in her responses and hard to connect with for me and for a lot of people. In those scenes, it always looked like he was the outsider. At first the problem was that she is playing the same character one more time in LR, but luckly I think now there are only few of that comments because it’s clear that she is trying her best to act like BN and BN is not the usual cheerful character she played before. That was such a sad framatized Where did she even attacked HJE?


SJK is going to appear in Episode 9, I think. Before you write that we, and I say we because even if I not active on R88 sites I’m RJY fan, are scary I hope you can go and open just on page of the other team thread on soompi. She’s doesn’t make sense? Ron Williamson Old 5 episodes, Apparently he lost weight to fit this role better?

The Innocent Man

We’ll just all get there together! I do like how Park Haejin has portrayed Seolwoo’s emotions dramatizfd his eyes. It runs counter to what a person would do, but I suppose when one has money and power, he can afford to be extra ruthless when it comes to his feelings. His face as he debated to cut the wire or not, him closing his eyes, he looked so tense, poor Oppa, I hugs you. It’s not an unpopular opinion anymore darmatized lol.

That one word told Amy that yes, he did open up to her, and yes, he is choosing to get close to her. He plays Junghwan, in case you don’t know. And yes, my heart broke for him, Gguy think he couldn’t go because he let her see him sinoosis this, this side of him, his true identity, maybe he felt like he disappointed her in him or that he had no right to stay, his job was done and he had to go!