Too much melodrama involved. Or can I just dive in? The woman cameo by Shin Se-kyung is grateful for the gesture. Piggy comes to her rescue. Kye-sang learns that Se-kyung has dropped out of school. I saw Seo Ji-seok in Manny and loved him in it, even though the show itself kind of flatlined mid-way through. Can watch on dailymotion or dramacrazy too.

At the harbor, she promises to keep in touch to repay his blessings and graciousness. JinHee’s fangirl crush on KyeSang is really understandable. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. A tumble down the stairs sends Se-kyung to check out her injury at the dentist. I wish they would give Soojung a better storyline. Older brother Yoon Kye-sang is a warm-hearted and thoughtful doctor who left his gig at a prestigious hospital to stick to his principles amid a White Tower parody, heh.

Ariel September 25, at With nowhere to go, she goes to ask her sunbae Ha-sun to put her up for the night. We have not decided anything yet. Because I am currently living in Korea and studying the language, I watch the raw episodes for comprehension practice.

Phew, finally someone steps up to take control! Ji-seok tries to hold them back while Kye-sang heads out to deal with them, urging Nae-sang to remain out of sight.

Kye-sang offers a ride to a Ha-sun when he sees her on his way home.


How can a show leave me so content but demands that I have a box of tissues by my side? He drives madly around the city, collecting his wife from the spa, plucking Jong-seok out of a hockey-game pile-up, and grabbing Soo-jung at cramacrazy airport. Your email address will not be published.

Watch Korean Dramas Eng Sub : Watch Korean Dramas Eng Sub

The riff on the horrible high kick through the roof ending was hilarious. With half their numbers arrested, in part thanks to her screaming when they tried to grab her, the thugs are pissed, and they chase her. Links for the Eng Subtitles srt ffsubs. Episose Baek Dong-Soo Episode 25 [viki].

Unstoppable High Kick

I only watched up to ep 2 but I couldn’t find good videos for ep But the allusions reminded me of the funnier moments that made me enjoy the characters and jokes of Season 2. I laughed so hard!

Ji-won protests at her poor record 1 win and 8 losses, all K. Finally, Nae-sang resigns himself to the idea of appealing to his brother-in-law for help, and Yoo-sun calls Kye-sang.

He comes home tipsy later that evening, perplexed about who he is. He calls her ugly, stealing the entire bag after asking for one, and yells at her when she talks back at him.

Thanks for the recap!! Counterattack of the Short Legs Favorite. And we see a tragic car crash. I liked Seung-yoon’s storyline this week. Episode 6 by Helcat. I’m currently in a drama drought, but I just can’t bring myself to start watching High Kick 3 because it replaced what has now become my all-time favorite k series evah drama, sitcom, sageuk, etc. She explains that Seung-yoon is different from other children and Yoo-sun starts to confirm how strange he is but Nae-sang hushes her.


She lives with her cousin, Kim Ji-wonwho lost her parents at a young age. Alternate Links High Kick 3: Episodes by LollyPip.

Yoon Kye-sang is so adorable! They’ve found a brilliant way to have a series that isn’t one or the other, but can be both equally and dramcarazy heartwarming.

The next morning, Ha-sun groans when she hears that Kye-sang carried her home and recalls making cat noises in the car. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Episodes by odilettante.

She spots the same elderly man wandering around the streets a little while later.