Thank you so much, GF. Death Scheduler character description about his 5 yr duty: Yeah, that was pretty unbelievable– even for K-dramaland! On the morning of 5. That said, I am really interested to know if HK will one day cross paths with the real zombie-like YK and if their fates will intertwine. Han Kang March 24, at I think the drama is finally starting to ramp up the tension and stakes, as Ji Hyun has a little over 30 days left to obtain her three pure tears, and Yi Kyung is not as much of a discombobulated zombie anymore. This is shaping up to be an interesting drama

You loved The Brady Bunch, too? Thanks for the speedy update. Back in the present, he puts his spoon down, head and heart totally spun around. This totally made my week!!!! Land stealing as a mating ritual! Does he have any options, like going back or what?

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Sorry, I meant both JB and girlfriday! Yes, I do understand that this is not possible, currently. I dont think that was a fake act.

I think this was the big lesson that the writers of 49 Days wanted us to learn. Viikii has it but is not allowed to permit access.

Min Ho happens to see the abduction, and he chases after the car, taking shortcuts, until he catches up to the car. Kang ah I love you! Yeah that’s exactly what’s bothering me. Now, unless they were twins, it wouldn’t make sense that she was his older sister. Thanks for the hard work, GF!


Don’t know who lucky guy take who. He is charmed by her, annoyed and throughly engaged with her pleas for help. Apparently, per the original sketch, they are orphans discovered on the same day, and so given the same last and generational name by the orphanage so wrong.

We can meet in Heaven. Kaya ayoko din ng drama na mega complicated, kasi lalo lang sumasakit ulo ko, hehe. Han Kang March 25, at 1: Is he wearing Jeremy Scott too? MH, the sneaky bastard is now all let me run to the pharmacy for her burn and let me take her to a restaurant I only went with my mom.

Episodes by LollyPip.

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Yi Kyung takes the rose, and Dr. My abs are o-kay, kay. I spisode wait to see what relationship the Scheduler have with Yi Kyung.

She darts out of the house to a nearby store to use the phone, apologizing to her boss for being ill the day before. Linda April 7, at 8: Glad to see you made your way here. The woman at the shop gives her a cold dose of reality instead: It would be so much nicer if they can give at least 2 episodes before the finale where JH is back to live.

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Thanks for starting this thread as I was looking for something from Hyun Jae after his release from service He have much better chemistry eposode the actress playing double persona than the real Ji Hyun. Loving the drama, not so much Nam Gyuri.


This totally made my week!!!! It would be interesting though to start with someone where the emotional dramacfazy that they need to go through, although transformative, isn’t sooo bludgeoningly obvious to the audience right from the get-go. I can see hints at the impoverished background too, which explains his greed, but not his plot for revenge or ruin of a perfectly wonderful family.

I thought her acting was terrible and that she looked too dramacrzy. It just holds more meaning. The best part of this episkde is him in bed in that cute V-shaped blue tee, tossing and turning. By ChoonHee21 Started November 12, By 0ly40 Started August 8, Before I forget, I have one question about this drama: He adds snootily that lying is for humans, so she can trust him.

He finally picks up his phone and tells her where he is, so she shows up, wondering what on earth a reaper is doing at a pool.

That drakacrazy really plausible. The Scheduler might be one of her tears. That way we don’t have to re-acclimate to the new pairing. Thank you for the recap! YY April 7, at 9: