Beberapa hari yang lalu drama Bahasa Indonesia. Memandang dari Jendela Johari Hennie Engglina. My time is running out and my schedule is so dense! I did not see it. If you did not believe it, you could take a look on the mirror in your palace together with Snow White. Finally, she has found an idea. Or you want to throw her to a ravine, it is fine. But, how is the way?

Opened the door Hey! Pointing her thumbs up The Anger: Talking with scary face Princess, you were called by The Queen. Keep grumbling by her own self while walking around in her room. Could you awaken her? It never get longer.. Surrounding Snow White What?

With an arrogant pride. Snow White seemed like to be dead.

Her Fortune-Teller said if my beauty was musikqlisasi hers. My queen, I am not joking. A tissue she held was scraped into pieces. How much it costs? Like a dinosaur huh?! It was impossible, really impossible! Calm down, I have just forget now! Snow White has found her happiness and lived happily along with The Five Dwarfs. What is your relationship with me, huh?! There was a staff and a box in his hands.



Hoaks? Lawan!

As a thank you to them, Snow White always cooks a food, cleaning the house and told a story before they musikalisasii asleep. At there, Snow White was treated well. Wew, someone needs my help! Wew, perhaps this is the problem.

Visualisasi & Puisi (GBKP Setiabudi)

Go to the kitchen. Pointing to The Prince The Prince: She was unconscious for a long time. Actually I already have one. Gue Anaknya Musik Banget.

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris (Snow White & Five Dwarfs) oleh Nadia Seassi Roesdiono –

The Prince whispered The Wise something. Nah, the red one is The Anger. Because of that, you will definitely need it. Actually I want to give you news! I musikaoisasi call The Sleeper. She turned off her phone and slam it to the table The Queen left her room quickly Narrator: Snow White was surprised.

Without thinking longer, she began her revenge. Snow White was awaked.

He gave it to Snow White. We do not know whether she is dead or not sad expression The Prince: Our sin would be unforgivable and the hell would be waiting for us.


Entering the home Narrator: We have been given up! Barisan “Emak-emak” yang Dimanfaatkan Agung Webe.

I would not forget your goodness. Snow White became dizzy. The Five Dwarfs closed their nose together The Anger: Are you a dwarf?

She devastated her own castle. Hahahaa… Not at all! After a while, Snow White felt unwell on her head, her head was itchy. But perhaps it is just as fast as motorcycle.

She often told a fairytale story if they want to go sleep or could not sleep well. You have fallen asleep for long hours. I represent The Princess and The Others say many thanks for your help, and we are sorry if you are disturbed. I would be there.