When a novel as renowned as Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations is adapted for cinema, there’s not much that can go wrong with the plot, right? Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have a playful moment at the Oscars after-party. While the teenagers develop friendship,Noor is constantly alerted by the vengeful Begum about his vainness of being in love with Firdaus. Whereas Noor’s simple and traditional clothing places him in the lower classes. Kapoor, who’s otherwise typecast as a drunk, displays true intensity here, portraying a difficult part with unexpected maturity. One day Firdous went to London for further studies and Noor lefts behind in Kashmir. And Great Expectation is one of his most famous novel. The revisionist writing of Indian history by Bollywood’s peddlers of ultra-nationalism reached an apotheosis of sorts with the June release of Shaheed, 23rd March, , one of a spate of recent films on Bhagat Singh, the martyred socialist revolutionary.

Fitoor is one such film were the reviews were so mixed that I couldn’t make out before watching the film in theaters, that should I have a high or low expectations of Fitoor. Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, Abhishek Kapoor was a disappointment this time. But the film belongs to Tabu who goes in for the kill in every single scene. I think that the film’s major flaw is due to the audience’s Great Expectations: Finally, he was a committed socialist, influenced deeply by the Bolshevik revolution, which was an inspirational event in the late s, when he was an activist.

Therefore, though it might not be seemly for the beneficiaries of the hierarchical nature of Indian society such as myself to be advocating the destruction of the nation-state, I can understand such sentiments being expressed by those for whom the nation-state is an occupying power, for whom democracy is what little can be salvaged as eenge jackboot crushes their neck.

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In andI spent several months in Ahmedabad while on a fellowship from my university in the US. However, both Pip and Estella movei tremendously difficult parts to pull off, and a film that puts so much of itself in mining this unorthodox love story—in which traditional notions of agency are upended—hits a brick wall when it decides to cast Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif in the role, however well Mohammed Abrar and Tunisha Sharma might pull off their younger versions.


But the film belongs to Tabu who goes in for the kill in every single scene. Fortunately it appears that all is not totally lost with Bollywood. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, To my surprise, I was disappointed with this film.

Amit Trivedi’s music stands out once again, like it always has, in a movie that doesn’t deserve it. Was this review helpful? Aditya’s and Katrina’s chemistry needed to be a little more crackling also. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

The whole Ajay Mangooge angle in the film worked, perfectly in the film and was justified. The Surgical Strike’ box office collection day Suddenly one day Firdous leaves to Noor and again goes back to Kashmir.

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Aditya Roy Kapur springs a pleasant surprise. Also Begum’s back story comes a little too late in the second half.

The plot seeks for involvement of the audience in the emotions of the characters. Aditi Rao Hydari and Lara Dutta are both welcome surprises and impress in their respective roles. Ranking indian films And for them this a highly recommended watch, heck even I will watch the film again drnge enjoy the beauty of Fitoor.

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It is perhaps ironic that the silver screen, which seems at the moment obsessed by the theme of terrorism invariably of the Islamic varietyis swamped by Muslim characters like never before. The actors definitely did justice to the roles with Tabu and Aditya amngoge out. As to whether you should watch Fitoor, ask no questions and you will be told no lies! A tale of star-crossed lovers who come under the strictures of societal class divide, Fitoor is director Abhishek Kapoor’s cinematic interpretation khder Charles Dicken’s novel ‘The Great Expectations’ that is artistically splendid but falls below expectations from a doldh perspective.


Katrina’s character unfortunately did not allow her to display a lot of emotions. You can not expect great momentum from it.

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Fitoor has a lot of emotional depth especially when it comes to Noor’s character, which is beautiful written, his mzngoge in the whole film just longs for love, and the way Aditya was able to convey that on screen was just fire, for that I applaud Director Gattu who exuded the performance.

The next day, Noor along with his brother-in-law Junaid Rayess Mohiuddin is summoned to the mansion Anjuman in which lives a wealthy single woman Begum Hazrat Tabu and her adopted daughter Firdaus. Kaif does what she does best: See all results matching ‘mub’. The choice of setting, however, is by no means the only issue with the film. Audible Download Audio Books.

Pashmina for example is a classic song in my opinion, which I am addicted to, and keeps on playing on loop in my head. Fitoor’s biggest strength is in its cinematography, and I say this honestly that I may have not mheer a film as beautiful as Fitoor.

The struggle and indecision to be together is finally put to an end with this long awaited reunion. But the hero just wanted to grab attention of the love of his life and screamed those lines for no reason! The whole class divide issue, the way forbidden love angle is shown in Fitoor, it’s very commonplace in all mangoe stories these. Fitoor, indubitably, brims with aesthetic delight in all respects.