Due to an outbreak of Frogs at the school Barrage and Victoria schedule a emergency field trip to the recently reopened Green Apple Splat company for the entire 10th grade. After waking up to find Langhorne gone, they cover their mouths, lie on the bed and find themselves in a chamber with sleeping teachers in pods. The Serpent actually took Jenny to a picnic prepared and steals the book, leaving Jenny shocked. Lee and Tina are chased by a Reaper Mat, Tina gives up her camera and they arrive just in time to get back to school. Also Tina and Jenny find out from the librarian that the book was owned by the Amazing Finnwich. On a particularly rainy day Lee is surprised to find Holger arriving at school dry as a bone. The gang are brought back by Lynch so Lee can see Finnwich, but Lee plans to find his mother first.

Lee overhears Barrage and Cassandra talking about fencing and he assumes that it is to do with the fencing team’s losing streak, “the curse of Earl Nigma”. Due to this, all the students are given an exam to do until the teachers are back. Lee tells Tina to pick up Jenny while he goes after the Serpent. Lee arrives at the hospital and helps Holger, and Biffy finally breaks the code to the lounge. Lee and Tina escape school to find out what is happening while Cam organises a distraction to fool Barrage. Lee is caught by Kimmie and Cassandra claims that she was never at the dance congratulating Lee.

As a surprise, the Serpent arrives and gives Jenny her bike back after it was lost and they go on a ride together to make up for him leaving episodf afraid.

With the help of Biffy, Cam and Holger to find Barrage’s whereabouts; Lee finds that the secret tunnels that Barrage was last seen at had been cleared out, and Cam finds Barrage’s ID and money, while Lee tries to find the security tapes.

Lee tries to tell the inspector that Barrage is evil but is rejected and is declared the reason for why the school isn’t perfect, so he is expelled.

Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a “Save the Rainforests” dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina whose secretly planning to dance with Lee. After they all meet up, Tina and Jenny study the book with the device, and Lee, Biffy and Holger proceed to find Finnwich.


Lee wonders if he’s a clone of the Serpent or if the Serpent is his older brother.

However, Vice Principal Victoria is attending the party to talk with the grown-up. An oblivious Tina suggests that they investigate the amusement park for the Amazing Finnwich, without Jenny, who joins them anyway. There they find Barrage’s old computer but it is broken during detentionaird chase, the hard-drive is salvaged. Lee and Biffy decide to go to Brandy’s apartment building to find the teachers.

The eclipse commences, students run in panic as a light shines through the school and lifts danve the detention teacher. Jenny asks about Lee’s relationship with Tina but is interrupted by a call from Holger.

Lee and Biffy are told by Barrage to burn all the lice-infested furniture in a fire on the field.

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Jenny finds that in the book, she finds an image of a person who looks like Lee. The pyramid glows yellow, so Finnwich and Lee insert the keys. They are given the reward and the Tazelwurm is taken to a room in the tunnels. Lee arrives at the hospital and helps Holger, and Biffy finally breaks the code to the lounge. This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat There they find out that Kimmie’s mother owns the company his parents work in, Biffy recognizes her mother as the person who congratulated Lee at the dance.

Biffy helps Lee humiliate Cam as Kimmie helps Cam humiliate Lee, Holger makes everything worse by accidentally making Cam think about tell everyone about Lee’s crush on Tina Kwee during the vote. Beth, a mathlete, is the new school president as she was the only other candidate other than Lee in season 1 but starts to annoy students because of her selfish policies, abuse of power and obsession with wizards.

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Lee now has to figure out why a fence had to be built around the school. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The episode opens with the Parent’s Council attempting to unleash the power of the underground pyramid with a key and a mechanical replica.


The gang are 226 back by Lynch so Lee can see Finnwich, but Lee plans to find his mother first. They ask some jocks to dispose of the furniture and proceed to investigate.

Meanwhile, Cam spends his time watching cable TV during suspension but starts to miss school.

Lee tries to find a spot in his room to hide the key before exasperatedly saying ‘back under the bed’. But he can’t enjoy the day off as he’s accidentally incurred the wrath of the fearsome dwtentionaire graders when he enters their territory chasing a lead. Lee is able to call in Zed to distract the clerk detdntionaire Holger sneaks in and steals the store’s security footage. Tina runs an embarrassing story on the news in which it is revealed that the Glamazons wear hair extensions, prompting Lee to suspect that they will be seeking revenge.

Cassandra and Kimmie arrive at the scene and crystallizes the Council Leader and reveals that she plans to open the pyramid so she could sell the Reptilians’ technology. Following the previous episode, the Serpent is now imprisoned on the submarine and Cassandra orders the Hazmats to capture Lee and the gang.

Detentionaire Episode 26 The Dance Part 1

Meanwhile, Brad attempts to become more popular than Lee again by using a plan stolen from a movie: Lee is then given Radcircle’s phone and detention from Barrage back. Chaz get suspended from the news desk. He finds a “Save the Rainforests Dance” poster and a strange machine that plugs into pictures of all the school students. Lee realises this is true and runs home to protect the key. Meanwhile, Jenny and Tina meet the Serpent again and they hang out as Tina gracefully leaves them alone, though she is alarmed when Jenny leaves on his motorbike again.

When Lee sees Lynch, he reveals that he is actually the president of Green Apple Splat, Leopald Webber, and has had surgery to appear younger but forwent the hair transplant. He decides to find Barrage to clear out his name and return to A.