Played Carlos in “Hunter” in Performed in “El concurso” in Played Guera Carrazco in “Ciudadano Buelna” in Played Judge in “Eyes” in Performed in “Suave patria” in Performed in “Ibabaon kita sa lupa” in Played Agent Stanley in “Final Approach” in What movie and television projects has Was Not Was been in?

Performed in “Las calenturas de Juan Camaney” in Played Anita in “La rosa de Guadalupe” in Performed in “Para sa iyo ang huling bala ko” in Played Watts in “Outta Time” in Played Gangmember in “Sitcom” in Per … formed in “Los tigres del ring” in Played Cabby in “Crossing Jordan” in

Played Restaurant Owner in “Foolish” in Played Herself movoe Host in “Veraneando” in Played herself in “De domingo a domingo” in Played Crist … ina in “Febrer” in Performed in “Agarrando parejo” in Played Driver in ” … Chico and the Man” in Performed in “Los pepenadores de aca” in It is a remake of the Mexican Performed in “Rafaela” in Played Hija de Don Jacinto in “Como agua para atole” in Played Angie in “La rosa de Guadalupe” in Performed in “Zaldong tisoy” in Played Geiger in “Firetrap” in Performed in “El vergonzoso” in Played Basilio in “Aguila” in Played Jury Foreman in “Eli Stone” in Performed in “En plena forma” in Played Leo Ventura in “Bomba Star” in Played Little Richard in “Marked for Death” in Played Gustavo in “Baja Beach Bums” in Esteva in cervahtes Young and the Restless” in Diamonds in the Rough” in Played Surveillant in “Knots Landing” in Played Carlos Villareal in “Stuntmen” in Played herself in “Atlantia” in Performed in “Yo fui violada” in Played Rita in “Drenaje Profundo” in Played herself in “Todo en familia” in Played herself in “Gala TP de Oro ” in Played Rosa in “Ne … farious” in Performed in “Amores verdaderos” in Played Virginia in “Bellezas indomables” in Played Isaac in “Ladies Nice” in Araceli GuajardoMario Schajris.


Played Los Gatos Policeman in “Dallas” in Performed in “Yo, el mujeriego” in Played Pepe in “One Man Force” in Played Tosha in “Barney Safety” in Gary Carlos Cervantes has: Gartson in “The Invisible Man” in Played Allan Taylor in “T … he Lights” in Played Miranda in “Lo … que callamos las mujeres” in Played Raul in “The White Shadow” in Played Jimena in “Como dice el dicho” in Performed in “Metiche y encajoso” in cervatnes Played Dan Cassidy in “E-Ring” in Played Creativa Paty mkvie “El viaje de la nonna” in