The weakest positions are: The name of Dr. In classical literature both Prag-jyotisa and Kamarupa occur as alternative names of the country. There are vowel changes in Bengali and Assamese in similar directions For want of sufficient information it cannot be defmitelv ascertained how much of. In some parts of Kamrup, kuwar also obtains. Whenever the vowel -a- finds itself in the antepen- ultimate or in any anterior syllable, it is shortened to -a- when in any part of the succeeding syllables it is followed by the vowel -d-, e.

But even in E. The PL affix -hat is common to both the groups but its use is restricted in Western Assamese. The distinctive Assamese period of literature, to speak from the materials hitherto discovered, begins with the 14th centurjr. In the evolution of the affix for the instrumental-nomina- tive -e of Assamese 0 I. From the fourteenth century onwards, Assamese developed a rich and varied popular literature in poetry, prose and drama. Both before and after a syllable containing the long vowel -d-, the change of a to 5 often takes place in poly- syllabic words.

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The non-Aryan languages borrowed so freely from Assamese, that it is often difficult to fix upon a particular word as of non-Aryan origin without ascertaining whether any such formation occurs in other cognate non-Aryan languages.

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Assamese words are closed by the definitive affix casr. They built up strong kingdoms and with varying fortunes and under various tribal names — the Chutiyas, the Kachans, the Koces etc. Serkal by a single consonant: Assamese words has been transliterated as j- as that is its sound value in Assamese words. The ‘Khalnayak’ song ‘Choli Ke Peeche’ was protested by as many as 42 political parties.


Haladhi, turmeric, is not from haridra but from the lengthened form hdridrika ; kawai, dialectical kawe is from Sktised. But such a hypothesis is not sufficiently warranted by existing materials. Salman Khan in his early days as a struggling actor he never used his father’s name and zssamese like many other heroes with relatives in the industry. At the time of marriage, Dilip Kumar was 44 dapno Saira Banu was Up till now three comprehensive dictionaries have been published.

Triphthongs are also heard in such positions; eg. Bah to cut small. Might it have anything to do with Skt. The sharp difference in the systems of accentua- tion in the St. My thanks are due also to the authorities of the Depart- ment of Historical and Antiauarian Studies: The Pauranic legend also speaks of the revival of a dead person here. Dilip Kumar has won the most awards as the Best Actor with 8 awards spanning over dwpon decades. Even its weakening to -d- seems to be rare.

Hrithik Roshan fought hard to overcome a stammering problem. But the director had to go with the latter when Katrina refused due to unknown reasons.

The process of avoiding hiatus by contracting two separate vowels into one syllable depends for its carrying through largely on speech tempo. This book has been freely quoted from in the following pages.

The weakest positions are: It deals, as the title indicates, with the growth of the Assamese language, and the treatment of the subject has been carried out throughout on approved scientific lines ; and as such the book will be helpful to the study of the development of other allied Indian langu- ages.

Opinion seems, however, to settle down on the side of the existence of stress. There have been sharp differences of opinion amongst eminent Indologists about the existence or otherwise of accent in N. In fact the use of such words in preference to the original Sanskrit counter- parts is looked upon as a mark of a racy and idiomatic style.

The temple has his movies and a lot of info about him. High vowels like i, w, followed by low ones and not lending themselves to be coalesced by sandhi shew contractions in different direc- tions in different positions in the word. In this form it was attached to verb- roots ending in a consonant or a vowel: A steady commanding central influence that srrial homogeneity to manners as to speech was never built up by any ruling power in western Assam.


In Assamese words, final -a has been dropped in trans- literation as it remains quiescent in pronunciation. As a matter of fact the types of mutation examined in the preceding section involve some amount of harmonic change, the high vowels in and the semi-vowel -iu- bringing in an anticipatory raising of the previous vowels.

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Other river names in Assam are tihu dapo ti-pam ; tiyak ; di-hong ; dib-ong ; disa-n ; nai mtima ; jan-timd; badati ; ndma-ti ; ti-rap. Vowel Mutation or Umlaut: Though the rude Mongolian tribes could not have been expected to be acquainted with a learned Sanskrit derivative like Asam. The film was critically acclaimed. Guru Dutt committed suicide in by an overdoes of sleeping tablets.

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Shahrukh Khan’s first salary was Rs 50 which he earned by working as an usher at a Pankaj Udhas’ concert in Delhi. Bloch xii PREFACE took infinite pains to read through the entire hand- written script and mark certain points that he considered doubtful or uncertain.

Danny Denzongpa was approached for that role initially. He has a vast collection photographs and special scrapbooks marking each occasion. Hence in those cases where the compound verb in the Skt. In the area in which it is spoken it is not the only vernacular.

The only example seems to be niramuhi nirdmisa ; munih, male, is inherited from M. Before a single consonant and not followed by the long vowel -d-: For want of sufficient informations about all the varied branches of the Austro-Asiatic group, the observations here are confined only to Assamese correspondences to the Khasi, the Mundari, the Santaii and the Malayan languages.

The comparative grammars of the non-Aryan languages arc not yet fully settled and one is not sure about the real origin of any word found in them. The same compounds would be pro- nounced differently in Assamese, eg. The following are the principal types of mutation in Assamese: However for reasons unknown, the actor declined the offer.