Let us know what you think in the comments. In fact that’s one of the qualities which made his career so trying: This is a player whose confidence knew no bounds, so a little intelligence in his game could have made him an incredible asset, constantly keeping the enemy pressured and on the wrong foot. Maybe you should stop trying and finally admit that you are a cheater. I can get it to the point where my actual character is floating with me, so I can see my gun and everything, but not just the camera itself. Eu consegui a maioria dos meus objetivos, tive uma carreira incrivelmente diversa, joguei em times profissionais no Brasil e nos Estados Unidos e tive bons resultados. I used to think nobody would ever touch Potti in that regard, since the Swede won seemingly every time by just being unbeatable in 1VX situations and always delivering the key kills at the right moment in a round.

To understand the level of MedioN’s play I have to take you back with me to By Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields on February 7, at 1: Also, we can not see our model. No dia seguinte, eles me ligaram e perguntaram se eu gostaria de jogar um campeonato latino-americano com eles no Peru. In f0rest understood he was the star fragger on his team, if fnatic was going to win a tournament then he would need to be the one out there topping scoreboards and getting the difficult kills. All I need is to transport him to a different era or give him a few different bracket draws. Hey, man, you should check my topic about demos: View saved quotes Close.

Rev 10 years ago. The Danish beast of andwho I call ‘The Great Dane’, put together a monster movid of tournament runs and big games, he just couldn’t get the right opportunity to take major titles. This meant the player pool for South Korea, already tiny due to the popularity of RTS games, was even smaller for competitive CS players. You cannot quote because this article is private.

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View saved quotes Close. This is worth noting since it meant that REAL did not last until a player like kalle came along, who might have been able to team with him and help him to success. Frag Clip Thread 2. If they were riflers then that meant using the AK or colt, using the Aug or Sigg was considered unorthodox. This manifested in his play in that he would to some degrees limit himself and his teams by refusing to AWP. It’s also unfortunate that lack of demos mean that most fans have no idea what some of the all time great players were capable in online practice games.

The problem in Korea was that the other group of good players, Lunatic-Hai, kept to themselves and there was a solid rivalry between the two squads for his entire career. Finally, the biggest knock on markeloff is simply longevity. Longe dos jogos, bsl voltou a ser Jonas Alsaker Vikan, um jornalista. If I could change one thing, though, in REAL’s career, it would be simply to get him a starting spot on a top Swedish team, even the third best would do, in or Also, we can not see our model.


Iggy- 10 years ago.

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That meant the version of CS they played in the cafes was not the Steam 1. Skillwise he was something special, he just didn’t have the right mental game appropriate to his skillset.

This Channel is here to keep the Counter-Strike 1. But it seems weird youv’ve got like 1 FPS but I can assure you for everybody the demos aren’t that smooth the best is the GO TV but if you play deathmatch well, that’s kinda annoying. movvie

Join the conversation There are 1 comments about this story. The same reckless impulse that told him to push up aggressively as CT and kill the first two guys, then told him he may as well keep pushing and get the other three.

Now, obviously, there’s a component of a lack of pressure in these situations, compared to offline, which is where the criticism of Ksharp will come in. I’ve striven to make my analysis of the factors holding them back fair, so you can’t simply change their nationality and make them Swedish, or give them an extra talent, they must be good enough in themselves but held back by something which could have been changed or gone differently.

Crouch bug in old pov demos. And thnx I am not still banned at mpickup,wanna finish my demo movie. GO can’t be counted in his favour here, but I think it speaks to the level of unparalleled drive he clgu to be the best.

Taking those three moviw of the equation, though, there are other candidates who could have taken up that top spot, given the right key factor being changed. This is a standard 5v5 CS: Stats only Terror-side. The only two factors markeloff had holding him back were some major victories in the last year and a half of his 1.

Eu sinto que eles eram meu time, mesmo depois que alguns jogadores foram e outros vieram. When NiP saw the light and coyu their line-up following that CPL, Frrag was a key part of their dominant run of three straight CPL titles, including an American seasonal final, with slight line-up changes.

LF High 6s Scrims Thread. In his emuLate line-ups of and he got a vogu of being able to showcase his amazing skills at the top end of CS competition, but that came in part due to the scene being slightly weaker during and then the true monsters of the game only emerging as progressed onwards. This article was originally published on GameSpot’s sister site onGamers. I don’t even need more opportunity to see him put on such performances at the highest level, he put together an impressive enough resume of individual displays as it is.


But, where markeloff embraced being an AWPer and led his teams to major titles using it, Ksharp frequently opted out of AWPing in big offline games, instead going the “safer” route of rifling and trying to make an impact that way. Where a f0rest or a NEO won those major titles and had a long enough career to prove to use time and time again why they stood above all others, REAL simply had spans of a few months at a time to show off what he was truly capable of.

I was banned for this game: Let us know what you think in the comments. At his peak, and with the two or three line-ups he had which could actually compete at the highest level, he shone as one of the best individual players in the world, yet still would repeating be forced into top three finishes rather than LAN victories.

That’s because at times that would be better practice than playing very low level teams. It’s very hard to find old CS 1.

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Check my youtube page out for the latest TF2 and L4D2 videos! Theme based on Cleaker 2. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. Invisible trigger bot 2 Darn: Creative Commons content rss comments rss. That kind of player would be an in-game leader’s dream, instead ruuit was a chaotic force that his in-game leaders just had to turn loose and hope for the best with. A year later his MYM team seemed capable of contending for world titles, only to progressively go down over the next months of the big tournaments.

This is a pov demo of United 5’s very own Josh “Dominator” Sievers! Beyond that his team-mates often failed to play to the same level, leaving him a solo star putting up great individual performances but ultimately losing before the final, as his GameGune performance can attest to. POV demos should be recorded when instructed by an admin, otherwise not necessary.