Unless otherwise specified, in case of contracts for an indefinite period, the period of notice is 15 days. Taking into consideration that the reconsignment of the product is not possible due to the electronic performance of the services therefore no costs shall be arisen from the reconsignment of the product. This deadline shall apply with prejudice. In order to maintain balance between the Service Provider and the User, User is afforded the right to make records of their own, having to firstly notify the Service Provider thereof. The User may delete his saved Loyalty-Cards at any time. The Service Provider or the Event Manager shall not be liable to compensate any damages arisen from this exclusion. The Service Provider is entitled to cancel the data obviously wrong or false, in case of doubt the Service Provider is entitled to control the reality of data.

No, this discount can only be used at the scene purchasing in person, on weekdays, for maximum 2 tickets except for VIP and 4DX. Close Member since Apr ’18 Working languages: If the Service Provider refuses the complaint, he is obliged to justify it. Taking into consideration that the reconsignment of the product is not possible due to the electronic performance of the services therefore no costs shall be arisen from the reconsignment of the product. The User may turn to the Service Provider with his complaint concerning the Simple System in writing included the complaint sent via post or via electronic letter e-mail , verbally, complaints announced personally at the following contact data of the Service Provider: In addition to the price of the Entry ticket — which shall be refunded at full value — neither the Event Manager nor the person executing the redemption can be required to reimburse any presumed or real damages and costs. In addition to the above, User may request an inquiry at the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information regarding their data rights having been infringed upon, or regarding an imminent infringement. Service Provider does not undertake any liability for the information and content connected to the products available in the Bookline card as well as in the Bookline Webstore especially for the information obtained from the operator of the Bookline Webstore.

The Service Provider shall inform the Users about such kind of unilateral modifications in the Simple Application. In case of announcing the complaint via telephone the conversation with the administrator shall be recorded about which the administrator shall inform the User at the beginning of the phone conversation.

The presence of entitlement is not examined by the Service Provider. In which time limit the User may enforce his cjnema guarantee claim? Get a Cnema 2 oz. The Ordering address shall be broken down in the following way: The contracts may be terminated by the mutual consent of the parties as well.

Simple Card payment function. Decreecinemx indicated here and in Annexes 2 and 3 of the present GTC. Any additional services other than the purchase of the Entry ticket, so regarding the effective holding of the Event, the User enters into a legal relationship with the Event Manager.

How jfgyek is a ticket? The procedure of the conciliation body starts at the jegyrk of the consumer.

Service Provider informs the User, and User expressly acknowledges that the bank car registration services are not provided by Service Provider, these are provided by OTP Bank Plc, in full possession of all MNB National Bank of Hungary authorisations and permits necessary under applicable law. In case of the exercise of the right of cancellation by the User under the present clause, the Service Provider refunds all consideration performed by the User including the costs arisen in connection with the performance, without delay but not later than within 14 days counting from the receipt of such cityy by the Service Provider.


Check out the movies playing now or coming soon. In cases of food delivery card orders: After that the Service Provider will send the identifier of the selected Entry ticket to the User via e-mail or via Simple System citg and the User will set and transact the selected method of payment.

The User expressly accepts by the acceptance of this GTC to receive electronic invoice or electronic bill, or an invoice or bill forwarded electronically of the fee of the Westend parking service issued and sent electronically. Years of translation experience: The Service Provider and coty employees thereof are entitled to access the personal data of the User. In the lack of any of the aforementioned data the parking service cannot be started. The User — at his choice – shall have the options: The User may turn directly to the customer service of the Service Provider with his complaint.

During the course of the account balance information display, Service Provider does not come into possession, nor does it store or manage in any way the balance, the history, any other data or banking secrets of neither the transferor, nor the recipient card, or the OTP Bank accounts behind them.

D1M weekly 10 days E-Vignette. Jgyek cannot be known in advance as it depends on many factors.

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The Service Provider does not take part in the organization and exploration of the Event, his activity and liability is confined to the sales jefyek Entry tickets. The account balance information is available for viewing on the interface of the Simple System.

The User undertakes not to remove any information or data concerning confidentiality, trademarks, intellectual property and rights management from the Simple System.

Service Provider is not involved in the jegeyk bank card registration service, neither directly nor indirectly, under the provision of this service, User enters into a contract with OTP Bank Jegyrk. U weekly 10 daysmonthly 30 daysand annual country and county E-Vignette. The User are able to announce his claims and complaints in connection with payment within the Simple Application concerning the purchases under the Bookline card to Service Provider according to the provisions of this GTC and via the contact provided in it.

If I book a ticket, when can I take the tickets at the earliest? The Service Provider stores on its central server the data entered into the Simple System by the User and the data entered into the database connected to the Simple System.

The User shall provide the following data when entering the Parking card n the Simple System in order to start parking: Upon receipt of such notification the Service Provider immediately but no later than within 1 working day ensures cinemz cancellation of the e-mail address and phone number from the address list of the Simple newsletter and that from this time the User shall not receive Simple newsletter or other electronic advertisement, publicity or direct marketing material.


Optionally, the User may also enter the following data to the Ordering address: We delete the bookings that were not taken over 30 minutes before the show.

Cinema Moziklub: november

Upon initiation of a call by the User, vity consent to the record of his voice shall be deemed to be given. The Simple System and any and all patents, copyrights, design or other IP protection, business secret, know-how, other intellectual property rights on the Simple System constitutes the sole and exclusive ownership and right of the Service Provider and remain in the exclusive ownership and right of the Service Provider irrespectively of whether they are separately registered or accepted according to laws of the country where the Simple System is situated.

You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. The identifier barcode may also be taken as a photo.

X Sign in to your ProZ.

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The Simple System does not control whether the given motor vehicle has previously bought and still valid E-Vignette. An invoice can be requested from the driver upon payment. The consumer shall exercise the right of cancellation and termination of the User either by means of a form letter attached as annex 2 to the present GTC in accordance with annex 2 of the Decree, or by means of an unambiguous declaration which shall be sent to the address of the Service Provider defined in the icnema GTC vup to the e-mail address ugyfelszolgalat simple.

Yes, if they know the booking name or ID, or if they have the discount ID. In case of bankcard payment the User may pay by registered bankcard by selecting the required registered bankcard; the User may pay by a bankcard which is not jgyek to the Simple System.

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The personal data processed within the Simple System. The User may arrange the taxi order in th e following way: Any rights, software, system version or result, including any developments or further developments of the Simple System in connection with any reproduction, translation, modification, adaptation, decompilation, breach of the source code of the Simple System and any and all product arisen from the Simple System constitute the exclusive ownership and the rights of the Service Provider.

To use the Parking and e-Vignette service a contract is concluded between the Service Provider and t he User under which the User shall pay the fee specified in the Tariffs for the purchase of parking tickets and e-Vignette s to the Service Provider and he shall be entitled to use the services in the Territory. Cultural, leisure, entertainment, sport, music or other event, movie, program of which the Service Provider jwgyek tickets for the Users.

If the User does not wish to purchase the vjp product, the User can remove it from the basket or empty the whole content of that before Payment. Support of bank account balance viewing. In cases of Cinema card orders: