I remember watching this series years ago when I was 6 and now 5 years after watching it again it brings back so many memories of my mom renting this game and I could never get past and a couple Christmases ago I got super paper Mario and finally beat the final boss and finish the game. Thomas BonEnfant 11 meses. Chef Shimi – Get These Ingredients: Super Paper Mario – Episode 6. We head off to explore Keelhaul Key to hopefully find our lost crew members because Flavio is far to lazy to do it himself! Descargar por favor espere. In this part we clear the second part of the Palace of Shadow, fight the Boss, Gloomtail, and complete the Tower.

It just kills me that I was never able to finish this game. Looking back after you figure it out, it really cements how twisted, sadistic, and psychopathic he is as a villain…Rated E for Ever Oh man,I borrowed this game from a friend when I was a kid and had saved 4 or 5 Stars and then my friend and I had to return the game. Sit back and enjoy some of the most fun My Music is on: We never really had a chance to connect with them.

Plus, I know his heart was removed through some magic spell thing since this is directed at kids and we can’t have over-the-top gorebut I kept thinking of some Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style ritual read: Chugga is so amazing That he’s played this game so many timesHe knows the dialogue that well.

Daryan TSNS 9 meses. Leo Yep I do vlogs 2 meses. With one last errand left we check out who the mysterious??? Other than that I do think it’s a great game.


If you watched fatguy’s tutorial you can skip to 1: Paper Mario – Prologue – Part 2 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago. Sit back and enjoy some of the most fun Chef Shimi – Get These Ingredients: I guess that makes him Paper Mario – Chapter 4 – Part 1 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago.

Paper Mario – Ending – [Part 2/2]

For more information, please visit: Hey what are the buttons to turn on a computer? When I beat the game I just sat at the TV and watched Who is the Strongest Weakest Pokemon? Poor Fracktail was perfectly willing to give you the Pure Heart until Dimentio chapetr him fight you and Fracktail regains just enough sanity to apologize before he DIES for attacking you! Just let the big guardian guy let the hero pass unobstructed.

If intruders have to go through Fracktail, you could call him a door. Let’s Play Paper Mario: He asks to subscribe and leave a good 5 star review below.

Paper Mario – Chapter 3 – Part 1 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago. The Thousand Year Door music that has been extended to play for at least Where we took everything you know and love from the last paper mario game and added a giant old ass He was saving up for Mario Party 3!

This is a Tool-Assisted Recording. Kinda weird how the heart is the tough boss. I realized after writing this I said and so many times.

Also, th comment here. Paper Mario – Chapter 5 – Peach Interlude chuggaaconroy 10 years ago. Instead of the credits just rolling by, at first it shows Edward sailing to England and having a conversation with his daughter.


I disagree that Yoshi’s Story was really easy. Nintendo Wikia’s article about Mario Club: Mostrar controles del Reproductor.

Part 1 Nintendofan4ever 8 years ago. I felt so bad for him, even relating to him to a degree with that whole sensitive guy in a big body.

Super Paper Mario – Episode 11 chuggaaconroy 1.

That really sucks I was looking papfr to do more things in paper Mario ughhh nooo. Damian Arruda 7 meses. I miss when chuggaconroy was doing the good Paper Mario games. Giovanni Andreani 7 meses.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Videos for GameCube – GameFAQs

Boss – Macho Grubba chuggaaconroyy Paper Mario: They have been credited for debugging, testing, and, most commonly, are listed under the special thanks. Paper Mario – Chapter 2 yfar Part 3 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago.

Partners in Time – Episode To play this intermission of the first world, you must get the 2nd crystal star from the great tree in boggly Why else would they make it loop around? There is no commentary in this part, i will probably won’t start the paper mario commentary till part Quinn Farris 20 dias.

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