The driver was in a full fire suit, and had an oxygen mask on while the car was on fire and drove it out of the station, then driving it forward through the gas pumps… The scene where Christine chases Buddy down was again done with a stunt driver piloting the car that was covered in contact cement, then set on fire. First Scene — Christine gets Trashed by Bullies Arguably one of the most painful scenes to watch in the entire film. In September , at a Chrysler Corporation assembly plant in Detroit , the hood of a newly assembled, custom-painted Plymouth Fury slams down without warning and crushes the hand of a line worker inspecting its front end. The New York Times. At the end of the shift, the line supervisor notices the worker slumped in the seat and opens the door; the worker falls to the floor dead, a look of terror on his face. Arnie is devastated and determined to repair Christine, but is surprised to see it quickly restore itself to showroom quality as he watches. Dennis and Leigh attack Christine with the bulldozer, but it continually repairs itself and strikes back.

Angry with Arnie over being expelled after a confrontation in shop class, school bully Buddy Repperton vandalizes Christine with the help of his gang. Leigh Cabot Robert Prosky He had to put her back together using the remains of the other two dozen dead Plymouths used in the film. They set a trap for it at Darnell’s garage; Dennis waits at the controls of a bulldozer , while Leigh stands ready to close the garage doors and cut off Christine’s retreat once it enters. The fact that Stephen King chose a Plymouth Fury as his leading lady was because he considered it a forgotten performance car. Then why has it lasted the test of time and become a cult classic? Now I can make edits to my article! Said that when he got it she was a total wreck with no interior except a roll cage, a race seat, and a steering wheel.

But it was something I needed to do at that time for my career. Martin was just a teenager at the time, but through the right contact he was able to secure a line of parts to rebuild his Christine.


Strange things happen and the viewers learn the car’s secret: Then a bulldozer was used to push the car into the tunnel, and was later digitally removed in editing.

Then it cuts to Buddy running straight down a two lane blacktop with a burning Christine slowly creeping up behind him. Dennis also sees that Arnie has become close to Darnell, even acting as a courier in Darnell’s interstate smuggling operations. John Carpenter placed ads throughout Southern California searching for models of the car, and was able to purchase twenty-four of them in various states of disrepair, which were used to build a total of seventeen copies of the film car.

Thank you so much for your information. It is revealed that Christine, possessed by LeBay’s vengeful spirit, is committing these murders independently and repairing herself after each one.

Originally, Carpenter had not planned to film the car’s regeneration scenes, but decided after the shoot had finished to include them. LeBay, whereas the film version of the story shows that the evil spirit of the car manifested itself on the day it was built. In the aftermath of the bullies demolition Arnie is left broken hearted but stirred movid rage and love to rebuild his car.

Heroes for Hope American Vampire The film also features supporting performances from Roberts Blossom and Kelly Preston. King’s novel, the source material for Carpenter’s film, made it clear that the car was possessed by the evil spirit of its previous owner, Roland D. Leigh and Dennis begin their own relationship, unearthing details of Christine and LeBay’s past.

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Malcolm Danare: Moochie

The Films of John Carpenter. Mercedes —present Castle Rock —present. Views Read Edit View history. Fueled by murderous vengeance Christine forces herself into the loading dock, crushing her frontend and door panels as she creeps towards Moochie until she crushes him to death.


Full Cast & Crew

Christine Theatrical release poster. George also reveals that LeBay’s small daughter choked to death on a hamburger in the back seat of movis car and that LeBay’s wife, depressed by the loss of her child, committed suicide in its front seat by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Frightened, Dennis decides he dislikes Christine. The next morning, Christine is back in its slot and fully repaired.

Unbeknownst to Arnie, Dennis learns from Arnie’s mom that the previous owner died in Christine, and confronts George LeBay to find out more: Movie Themes — Bibliography Short fiction Unpublished and uncollected Awards and nominations. You can tell by the round front turn signals and the vented side window.

Christine – the Stunts that Made Her Famous – Jesus Behind the Wheel

Christine is a horror novel written by Stephen Kingpublished in One is a stunt vehicle with a automatic transmission and now resides in the hands of a private Clayton, Ohio collector named Elaina Hill.

Of the mvie cars used in the film, only two still exist. Christine drives forward out of the gas stations but not before crashing through the gas pumps causing the entire place to blow up.

Like a satanic ritual they unleash all fury among the Plymouth Fury with hammers and knifes as they start to demolish the car in a frenzy. Christine by Moovie King. Richard Kobritz Larry J.

Retrieved September 27, At the end of the shift, the line supervisor notices the worker slumped in the seat and opens the door; the worker falls to the floor dead, a look of terror on his face. Lost Themes Remixed Firestarter Rekindled The crumbled front end stretches out and regains its Detroit steel figure.

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Don Vandenberg Kelly Preston To give her that extra illuminating kick.