Bert Haelvoet as Koen. De inmiddels volwassen geworden schrijver Gunther Strobbe heeft een vriendin bezwangerd en kijkt terug op zijn jeugd. Kleine Gunther Valentijn Dhaenens Written by KGF Vissers. The white-trash Strobbe family is investigated with both ribaldry and poignance. Skip to main content. Natali Broods as Rosie.

The director’s vision of this story allows for more uncertainty than Gunther’s ever would. Gunther loves his family, but they often seem more like seedy playmates than authority figures, as the men in the house spend their days gulping down beer and sausage, breaking things, playing rude pranks on others, and chasing women, often with hilarious but embarrassing consequences. Het is de verfilming van het meervoudig bekroonde boek De helaasheid der dingen van Dimitri Verhulst. For every offbeat nostalgic moment, there are five that depict alcohol abuse and sexual depravity. It seems that Uncle Breejen has amassed quite the gambling debt. The Misfortunates 7. A bawdy, heartfelt glimpse into a proudly dysfunctional Belgium family. Director Felix van Groeningen.

Retrieved 19 Dee With a very loose narrative structure, its power is in the language. Er is geen voertuig dat je een eerlijkere indruk geeft van het land dan de trein. A debauched clan of Belgian mullet-heads backdrop a heatfelt comedy.

De helaasheid der dingen (film)

Kleine Franky Yves Degryse Seeing the film poster with naked hairy guys cycling, I knew that I would have some fun but how far will they go? Wouter Hendrickx as Petrol. With Friends Like These Frietzak 2 as Ricky Wiessenhaan Charel Fabry Lynn Van Royen as Rostje. It seems that Uncle Breejen has amassed quite the gambling debt.

Is their love for the women in their lives strong enough to conquer their fear of dying? Log in with Facebook. Feature articles Det kits aim to get kids talking about democracy Circular economy focus of international forum in Antwerp Age ds compulsory education to lower from six to five Diva diamond museum opens new library Reusable plastic cups win Starter of the Year.


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De helaasheid der dingen (film) – Wikipedia

More Top Movies Trailers. The four unemployed brothers of the house beg the official to reconsider. Classroom kits aim to get kids talking about democracy. De film kreeg in Cannes de Prix Art et Essai [1].

Het is healasheid verfilming van het meervoudig bekroonde boek De helaasheid der dingen van Dimitri Verhulst. Retrieved from ” https: Diva diamond museum opens new library.

The Misfortunates () – IMDb

In zijn jeugd draaide het vooral om drank, sigaretten, vrouwen en spijbelen. Two young men share an incurable illness.

Baring more than soul LinkedIn this. Meet the Strobbe brothers.

Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 1 nov om The new Flemish film by director Felix van Groeningen called The Misfortunates d English will open the 36th edition of the Flanders International Film Festival on 6 October, a splashy red carpet evening of movies, champagne and celeb spotting. He, and his family with him, aren’t called “Misfortunates for no reason Take something else, anything else!

The thing about the movie is that under all the “ugliness” the Strobbes display through their behavior, the dingrn is certainly very heartfelt and honest about how it portrays its characters. Trivia The official Belgian submission for the Academy Awards. Wouter Hendrickx from the TV drama Witse is a stand-out as the youngest brother Potrel, who beds girls, shoots pigeons and picks on his family with unpredictable menace.

Watch now on “UnMade”. Edit Storyline In Reetveerdegem English would be Arsefeatherhama fictitious derelict hamlet near run-down industrial city Aalst Alostfive debt-burdened drop-out Strobbe brothers move back in with their pensioned mother ‘Meetje’, still wasting their lives in dead-end jobs, alcohol, gambling and meaningless sex.


Sachli Gholamalizad as Mehti. Well now, I’m officially a fan of Felix Van Groeningen. Can he defy his destiny? Gunther Koen De Graeve Vincke and Verstuyft are detectives of the Antwerp police department. The lives of a group of friends get disturbed when one of them comes back after having been away for some years. Ver time they have to deal with the Albanian mob and some problems in their own police division. He’s a romantic atheist, she’s a religious realist.

A coming-of-age story about a boy living with his almost exclusively male derr in blue-collar Belgium. Cheese, beer and heavenly gingerbread at Cash abbeyEscape cingen Auschwitz, aged just 11Face of Ddingen There’s whimsy and raunchy humor here, but also an underlying sense of darkness and despair.

His family has few social graces, is helsasheid self-destructively drunk, always unemployed, and fiercely loyal as a family unit, but also unfortunately abusive. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. So it’s a very well-written film, it’s also well-acted but there’s something about the film, it’s not really a flaw, but somehow the film is content with just being very good, it never feels great. Hij woonde met zijn vader, bomma en nonkels in een huis in het fictieve plaatsje Reetveerdegem.

But at least it’s still a damn good film about a xer family. Jacky, a young cattle farmer who is constantly pumped on steroids and hormones, is approached by a veterinarian to make a deal with a notorious beef trader. Christophe DirickxFelix Van Groeningen. This is easily his best role: