Basically, you hold R1 to charge up Fusion one of your magical swords , and press square to throw it. Yet there is one thing that is mildly cool about Brave Fencer Musashi ‘s storyline, and that’s the way the titular hero reacts to his having been summoned. It’s a fun game that relies more on gameplay and exploration than it does on flashy special effects, and it features a lengthy although linear quest that should satisfy even the most critical gamer. Archived from the original on November 8, Commodore Wheeler The control hurts this game badly. Views Read Edit View history. The design and artwork is good, but the characters themselves are empty. The plot is sufficient for the game, nothing more.

The Legend of Musashi” is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Square in for the PlayStation home console. Samurai Legend , was developed by Square Enix and was released worldwide in The player controls the titular Musashi, who fights a variety of enemies using his swords Fusion and Lumina and searches for five scrolls which will increase Lumina’s strength and grant him new abilities. Then Fillet gets her stupid ass kidnapped by Rootrick, the Thirstquencher empire, and it’s up to Musashi to get her back. Koichi Ogawa scenario writer. The layout of the game is absolutely ingenious, and playing through the game was a lot of fun. The storyline was quirky and fun. The game proves to include some original game elements that make it stand out from the crowd.

The downsides were few; some camera angle problems in certain situations made select portions tricky to complete, but these were very minor issues that are easily overlooked when musashj the overall quality of the game. To pass time, the player may also opt to collect the various action figures -which resemble more detailed models of nearly all the characters and monsters- available at the town toy store which stocks new items at the start of every chapter.

After returning from his first stkryline, Musashi sees the princess of the mudashi kidnapped right in front of him as he has to tangle with a boss character. Regardless, I still think highly of Brave Fencer Musashi that succeeded as a fantastic game that embraced clever mechanics and have alot of heart.


Flatski voice as George C. There are no blocks or weights in the room, and though the enemies are heavy enough to keep the switch pressed, they tend to move away from the switch almost immediately after touching it. In Brave Fencer Musashi, you play Musashi, a legendary warrior who is summoned by a kingdom under siege at the beginning of the game. Gingerelle voice as Fenecr Darro Paul St.

Brave Fencer Musashi sold approximatelycopies in Japan duringmaking it the 17th best-selling game of the year in that region. Later, you’ll have to manuever a log down a raft at high speeds, avoiding obstacles and storjline coins.

Brave Fencer Musashi PlayStation. The magic effects are nothing special, but the bosses are very impressive. Yes No Report this.

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Another weakness tencer the gameplay has to do with the layout of the game. After Musashi recovers Lumina, he finds that most of the people from the Allucaneet kingdom, including Fillet, have been kidnapped by the Thirstquencher Empire. Unlike most other RPGs, where a boss fight would be prerequisite to the accomplishment of each of these goals, the boss encounters are few and far between in BFM, which provides a good change of pace from standard RPG fare and also makes the game less predictable.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Retrieved August 24, Square Enix video game franchises. The longer Musashi goes without staying at an inn mudashi sleeping outsidethe more tired he gets.

The bosses, while easy save for a couple, are really fun to fight such as Sky Tower, Frost Dragon and Skopion. The backgrounds, for the most part, are well designed and look pretty good.

The story is somewhat salvaged as the game progresses, however.


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Retrieved January 12, So Musashi must find a sword, gencer some of the citizens stlryline the castle from some sort of crystal prisons, find other swords that have different elemental powers, find strange sheep creatures that somehow increase health, fight a very determined rival, collect toys, help the local townsfolk with certain tasks, and climb a really big tower to save the princess.

Was not a fan of the cheesy voices, but the sound effects were crisp and the gameplay mechanics were solid.

Retrieved July 20, However, the slower songs tend to be pretty atonal, and while they set the mood pretty well for the locations that they are placed in, they still get really annoying to listen to after a while they tend to occur in locations where you have to spend really large amounts of time.

After finding musasshi fifth and final Scroll, the Sky Scroll, Musashi discovers Thirstquencher’s base, a floating ship known as the Soda Fountain. His job is brsve protect the people, defeat the Thirstquencher Empire, and gather all of the sacred scrolls while wielding the legendary swords Lumina and Fusion.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The young boy’s name is Musashi. Edit Details Official Sites: A Stroyline 2 sequel, titled Musashi: Among other objectives, Musashi gets to go on search missions for people and items, shut down a steam reactor to prevent a meltdown, and rid a town of zombies.

Was not a fan of the cheesy A game that is deserving of a port to the PS4 classics library.