Temperance Brennan or “Bones” as she is often referred to as , a forensic anthropologist, is met with the task of uncovering the identity of a set of bones which have been deliberately hidden in a lake. I worry there won’t be a second series of Alcatraz. I watch the rest of it. But the make up department need to be shot. Lasts about four seconds in her first challenge, last night had to go in a series of rooms, meets an ostrich It reached a high point in around the 3rd season.

Piers Morgan is a hateful person, I have no time for him and can’t watch anything with him on. One mans strange vision of something to do with his life. Then have floor to ceiling windows all round. Meanwhile, “squintern” Jessica Warren teaches Brennan some tricks of the Twitter trade when her publisher encourages her to embrace social media to reach more fans. But like i said i liked the character development, most of all Daryl and also Carol and Sophie. Barry Scott on Thursday, May 10, , The first two seasons were great. Batch on Monday, January 23, ,

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Have recently discovered breaking bad, am on the 3rd episode of the first series. Meanwhile, Sweets and Daisy share a surprise with the lab. Kevin McCloud is one episkde the most enthusiastic and interesting presenters ever.

Was there a psychoville halloween special last night and was it a new one or a repeat?


Chocks Away After Teddy gets torn by a boy’s radio-controlled model aeroplane, Mr. The Liam Neeson scene was bloody brilliant though.

I have been watching Alcatraz and it’s been pretty shit to be honest. Much slower and requires more patience but it is truly wonderful: I think it’s significantly better than Scrubs ever was. I watched the first season of Warehouse 13 and quietly enjoyed it. sesson

I have quite enjoyed it, not the best thing ever but certainly watchable. Life in a day was very random but some interesting stuff, I enjoyed it too. Batch on Thursday, May 10, I’ve got Fresh Meat set to record. The Masked Singer 7. JJEdmunds on Wednesday, January 18, Costanza on Monday, July 23, Kinky Tom on Saturday, September 10, Watching the “Live House Party” that followed it now, enjoying Grandmaster Tubpelus – surprised by some of the stuff he is playing.

Don’t think i’ve ever come across a more irritating tubrplus character before. How many episodes in is it and when’s it on?

Written by the same chap who did The Wire so any fans of that should like this. I’ve ground to a halt midway through Season 2 of Breaking Bad. It gets much better towards the end and tubepljs 3 is fantastic.

Its really a family show but I’m the only one who watches it in our family. Loved the first two series and makes me feel lucky to do the job I do, even when I think it’s a bit shit. I used to be a big fan up to the last series or two when it rubeplus big budget.


Drama at a retirement home ensues when an elderly man’s body is found tubepluw an acid dump site, and conversation at the lab turns to discussions of marriage and children. It’s a great little documentary series that focuses on different roles each week – CID, beat bobbies, etc.

The british transport police lady who mimicked the accents of foreign tourists was priceless, especially with the chinese lady. I came away wondering if I’d have sex with a pig to save someone’s life, and that’s the sort of thinking that only great telly can make.

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Jamiesfuturewife on Friday, January 20, Trump, and his merry band of advisors and family members. Didn’t grab me as much as this type of show normally does. I am feeling smug. Bogus Dave on Tuesday, November 13, I watched the first series of 15 Storeys High last night, Sean Lock is fucking brilliant.