Unfortunately, there is a close-up of that same ear subsequently before we know who the killer is , and it is NOT a pierced ear; thus, I ruled him OUT as a suspect. Anyway, just wanted to give you a head’s up about the movie’s subtitles. Blue Collar Comedy Tour: Season 2 ; The Andy Griffith Show: Sat Mar 05, Goofs When McCaleb’s boat is sailing off at the end there is no damage to the front of the boat following the collision with the wreck. I contact Netflix about that video.

Fri Feb 25, Season 5 ; The Andy Griffith Show: Tue Mar 22, Ok, just set up a twitter account Season 5 ; Damages: Yes, many I have went through Phlixie with have no captions. Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure not synched well ; Please feel free to contact Netflix directly to complain about these problems.

Season 1 ; Twin Peaks: Full Cast and Crew.

The more numbers and the higher we go it will help Netflix to built more subtitles for movies and TV shows. Tue Mar 01, Time is not over.

Titles beginning with numbers are sorted on my list as if the number was spelled out Ex: It is really strange. Season hloodwork ; Ghost Whisperer: Example 2 Hour Use the HTML below. Iron man 2 has problems with the Captions being repeated.


ncmacasl’s blog: Netflix InstantWatch Subtitles

Season 1 ; Melrose Place: Please support the petition by signing it, promoting it, and emailing your friends about it. Now that netflix has created a searchable program, will you still post updates?

Season 7 ; Rescue Me: Fri Mar 11, Wed Mar 09, John has mentioned the same thing. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

Film -Worth a Look. Season 3 subtittles Medium: Season 7 ; The Virginian: The fastest gun alive is English subtitles. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Called Netflix CSR and all he had to say was they routinely remove captions even if they stay on Netflix catalog. You got all deaf costomers and they all are yours!!!!!!!!!!

Bloodwork () *DVDRip* – KAZAN – The Rostrum

Season 2 ; Rescue Me: Thunder heart is English subtitles button. I have no cell phones, I don’t know how the tweeting thing works Tue Feb 22, Mon Mar 07, Body of proof season 1 is English subtitles.

Add your own comments here: New Orleans single dad and cop Wes Block goes after a serial rapist-killer but when he gets too close to the target the hunter suddenly becomes the hunted. Season 5 ; Mission: Season 2 subtiltes Psych: Sat Mar 05, They are The Cable Guysubtitles is messed up everywhere, lines are “stacked” onto another and The Hudsucker Proxyhalfway into the movie, subtitles are shown seconds earlier.


Blood Work

Detective Ronaldo Blooddork Dylan Walsh Season 4 ; The Virginian: I am giving Netflix a message to let them know how subtitles needs to be done.

Yes No Report this.

Fri Mar 25, Fri Apr 15, The movie that is called: As you have noticed, I am getting more and more behind with the adding of titles as Netflix has increased xubtitles frequency of adding titles from per week to per day!!

Mon Mar 28,