Guaranteed Delivery see all. Set up a tent in one minute’s time with no poles. Cacti sprouted from every tilt of earth, often they seemed arranged like pieces in a giant game of chess. Our mission is to provide high-end, top-notch outdoor gear at prices everyone can afford. Written by Stephen Fabes on January 30, Mikael, the laid back Frenchman Andean Geese. By day we explored San Francisco and Alcatraz.

We then scooted over to the next bay which was crowded with moored yachts, and the bay after that, home to a tangle of kite surfers. It was the giant tree ferns that won my immediate attention, some of their trunks were over 50 feet in height and their umbrella of fronds, some of the largest leaves in the entire plant kingdom, conjured an impression of pre-history. To pack as light as possible I had help from Claire who turned out to be the most extreme weight reducing device known to humanity. The tent is divided into 3 parts: They crafted a route that meandered south from the Cusco region through a remote section of the high Andes and would hopefully deliver them into the depths of the Cotahuasi Canyon. This motorcycle camping tent is specially designed for campers with motorcycle.

In the flourishing lowlands I felt for the first time that I was back in the tropics as I climbed past wooden huts partly hidden by burgeoning fruit trees which owned papaya, banana, oranges and more. Detachable entrance flap that keeps the wind and rain outside in bad weather conditions 5.

I followed the canyon downstream to pwrson mighty Sipia falls as monarch butterflies fluttered by my tyres and under my handlebars. En route we hit a tidal wave of local helpers including a Kanak man who gave us a ride, a student who offered us his phone and then Couchsurfer Thierry who supplied a bed and shower.

The tent is divided into 3 parts: Video Photography Press Release.

Results Pagination – Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sometimes Andean Geese glided through the faultless blue of the sky above. One hand shot up and a perplexed youth wanted to know why I had been punched times.

Conveniently built with two doors and two vestibules that provide seriees amount of storage space for your camping gear. There are 2 removable room serifs and 3 doors to maximize privacy or create one large sqft room.


Stop in any urban public place in America and look around — you can be sure to see two things. Another involved a Mexican girl. Comes with complete setup kit that includes guy-lines, stakes and stuff sack Specifications Material: It features a floorless design that allows you to set up or take down the tent without removing your gear from the bed.

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Drying around the fire it was decided: I begin planning my next adventure. We pulled up in 50 meters and steam billowed from the engine — envisioning a raging inferno we carted everything out of the car and flagged down the next vehicle which by some bizarre coincidence was a tow truck.

He was 28 years old. Climbers sauntered around gazing occasionally up towards their eventual destinations. Fully seam-taped canopy and floor. Slight differences in color can be expected.

For seven days I struggled from pass to pass, calves burning, on roads carpeted by fist sized rocks. Dimness grew and when I spotted a refuge, rouged in light cast by a nearby campfire, I knew I had company.

If I were teleported to sea level every time I reached the high point of a road in the mountains, forgoing the reward of a breezy freewheel down the other side, I would still ride up into them. Also available in 3-person, 4-person, and 6-person sizes. As I stumbled around, crooked under the weight of the pack, I wondered how I would hike across an entire island when traversing the departures terminal was amounting to an Iron Man pdrson of endurance.

Compared to traditional polyester camping tent, this one increases a room which can put a motorcycle in it. Hummingbirds jerked and shimmied around the flowering plants which fired up the vista. Eventually I found an easier channel and trudged onwards.

I wondered why I had made such a snap judgement about coming here and began to plunge, panic-stricken, down a dark cascade of what-ifs. Sadly he died that night. Below the shrubs were brain-like nubs of lichen, the colour of glow in the dark stars. The online weather tracker showed the extent of the hissy fit June was having over the Pacific — she was now an intense red, shaped like a spiral cascxde, and hundreds of kilometres across. Yosemite was made all the more satisfying after our mission to get there.


Perhaps it is Englishness which marks me loath to change plans for the weather, but I decided to set out anyway. The groans gent followed verged on the sexual as we each flopped our weary legs onto thin sleeping mats as if they were goose down. So far I had glimpsed two flags fluttering around the capital, the French tricolour and the Kanak flag, which is closely tied to the controversial idea of full independence.

I think more of an elbow in my nose. Quick Stash door keeper on tent body door makes stowing unzipped door quick and easy. Durable carry bag with separate storage bags for tents, poles, and stakes. The first is a signpost or seven telling you about all the things there are to be scared about. The only defect, it had a small tear in the fly when I bought it, I repaired with duck tape.

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Dome More from this Seller. Often we crossed streams home to electric blue dragonflies where rainfall trickled between old debris — car-sized boulders and hulking trunks of fallen trees — heaved into a bygone torrent on the back of a visiting cyclone.

I arrived in the pitch black of night determined to shorten that list, and I did it in style — sea view, en suite err, kind ofopen air balcony and minibar a beer in my pannier.

The track eventually began to bound downwards, along the plunging axis of a ridge.

Mikael, the laid back Frenchman Andean Geese.