As Barnaby and Scott investigate, they wonder who wanted him dead when the pub’s new manager, Stephen Bannerman, seemed a more likely target after they find that he was thoroughly disliked and was threatening to tear the Splendour down. He was mean to her. Come inside, will you? Barnaby soon gets to work tracking down the killer, but it seems someone is trying to implicate the detective in the murder. I meant you and me and our Peter. As each member of the syndicate died, their share was passed on to the remaining members of the syndicate until Joanna Craxton owned the lot.

But both episodes were penned by different writers. Then maybe you can find it within yourself to give me some credit. Mrs Barnaby choose it for you? Many of the so police series like, CSI: Ray Craxton found her. Well, damn the lot of them, and damn you! Tom and Joyce visit a rowing regatta, a member of the rowing club is murdered.

Heard of Tate’s Oven-Ready Bread? I’m just a misery right now. All of which is cold comfort to me.

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We searched Craxton’s cottage till we ran out of places to look. I was out visiting a patient.

The bequest of Bantling Boy. DS Dan Scott, Barnaby’s cocky new sergeant, is thrust into his first case when the two detectives look into the murder of a woman who had been stabbed to death after a Spanish themed evening in Midsomer Mallow, before being left in a field she hated, with a red rose in her mouth.

I’ll call the police. If there isn’t I’ll add those in the next few weeks as I’m re watching all the episodes again at the moment. Was your husband violent last night, Mrs Hartley? Love ripens into vengeance? Goofs During the running of the opening horse race, the horses change direction around the track several times. I’m now maid of all work. With Bruce gone, that just leaves the doctor. Once betrayed, the Secret must be taken back.


It soon becomes clear someone may have wished to kill both to cover up a dark truth, and soon Barnaby has to figure out who amongst the village wanted both dead, complicated further when Gant’s curate is murdered next. That you werea Bantling.

Overall this is a very good episode, which will keep you guessing as to who did it. A series of murders in Midsomer St Claire seem to be inspired by macabre images on a medieval fresco recently discovered in the church crypt. Last night, after Bruce hit me, he stormed off. No more than most. Barnaby believes the gags show the victims are being silenced.

You don’t think Sam Tate’s behind this, do you? I’m Sir Peter Bantling.

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Toby’s estranged wife Alice also comes under suspicion, before two further killings take place, echoing more lyrics from the song. At Bantling Hall, Bruce’s aristocratic mother Angela Hartley Caroline Blakiston and her simpleton brother Geoffrey look after nine-year-old Peter Craxton, son of local blacksmith Ray and his wife Joanna, another of the syndicate.

Barnaby is not convinced about Mayor David Hicks’ plans to revive an annual trip to Brighton, suspecting his proposal to baantling coastal land there, is rather a fraudulent scheme. Initial suspicions lie to both the local river keeper, Harry Green, and the victim’s half-brother, David Hartley-Reade, until new evidence suggests Roger was murdered. This place will be sold off, developed, maybe even bulldozed. But I didn’t kill him. Even though her parents don’t believe her, Julie Fielding is adamant she saw the woman’s body.

I haven’t seen a lot of the episodes yet, and it’s frustrating to inadvertently see the murderer’s name when I just wanted to read a short introduction or look up an actor’s name while I watch. She’s up for a part. The production order is essential because the broadcast order is in someways confusing.


Slowly but byo, both begin uncovering a web of lies, affairs and domestic arguments, alongside a mysterious recluse with a hidden past. Tell Tate I will not sell, not for grand.

But behind Hartley’s back, Osgood and Plto are like that, an’ all. You should have seen him running at Trevor Machin with his sword. Many of the so police series like, CSI: His feet are wings! It seems that this llot eleven episode is missing. We need the police. The detectives are baffled as to a motive for murder – until they consider that the newly engaged Dr James Kirkwood may have been the intended victim. After the trees start to be cut down, another body turns up, leaving Barnaby and Troy to believe that both victims were that of murder.

What a sheltered life I’ve led. Barnaby and Scott enter the world of horse racing when the trainer of thoroughbred Bantling Boy is battered to death.

Plenty to interest the Inland Revenue, but nothing for us so far. It’s not long before their investigations turn sinister, when Nick’s rival, Otto Benham, is brutally murdered after having wine bottles catapulted at him, all within view of his wife. Soon afterwards, a serial killer strikes members of a chess club.

Our superintendent is hoping for something better.