Outside of Wan’s episodes most of it has been subpar thus far. It’s pretty decent, the characters aren’t as good as the one in Last Airbender but it still has that good humor. Pretty sure lion turtles had been hinted at way before the ending of the first series. The airbenders clearly developed their own spirituality and ability to commune with spirits, there’s a lot more to it than a turtle genie. Korra for worst Avatar ever. I can’t help but think how someone such as Azula or Toph could possibly solo the new Team Avatar. The Last Airbender series Rydian , Nov 3, , in forum:

Still to get smacked around by a basic dark spirit 1v1 in less than 20 seconds is pretty disappointing considering this was the same state Aang entered to absolutely crush Ozai. I just hope they’ll fix all this, now that they have enough space this season to do so! Well, if things weren’t scaled down for them then yeah. All those options ruin the mythos by an equal amount. Hopefully her amnesia will help lead to her character development – as cliche as it is, I was glad that it happened. And Korra went to General Iroh for help, who was all too willing to get into a scuffle with the Northern Water Tribe troops – and he’s supposed to be representing the Fire Nation!

The worst part of this all is that she will be compared to aang constantly and every thing she does will be somewaht compared to aang’s actions. He sounds exactly like Zuzu. Do you already have an account? It could be one of 3 things two from TV Tropes, and my own theory 1. But it was kinda sad that he only payed animeulti,a to Tenzin.

Ikki and Korra are separated by what we have to assume to be at least hundreds of miles at the current moment in the story. Considering her brother isn’t with her and the fact she looks absolutely livid, I’d imagine she’s just pissed about Bolin. Lol you must be christian and 16 years old. Korra seems like she has matured a little. They decided to air all the remaining episodes tonight.


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Also, saw the first episode a few days ago. The amount of annoying characters is truly staggering.

Fantastic episodes by the way. I hope Mako doesn’t do anything stupid.

One of the greatest antagonists ever. They said “English Dub” which makes it sound like English wasn’t the native language to animeulti,a with. He mostly like Tarloq with his lust for power and his minipulative ways and I think he thinks he is the good guy just like Tarloq, but he obtained power trough Ozai’s methods. The best part of the episode was the sibling bonding. It just simply good storytelling. It’s even more understandable since Aang was originally an airbender and to him the airbenders were his everything.

She’s a train wreck.

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Yes, Varrick is cool and nice that the escaped. Good to see some old faces this episode too. This is the reverse of “The Aftermath” episode.

She’s selfish and immature. In the episode as soon as Mako started questioning the witness Varrick burst into the scene saying “another case solved by the mustached duo”.

That’s a possible theory. May 6, The Animeuotima Zone. And speaking of Korra, she really isn’t thinking properly, but I guess she’s still young and she’ll know better by the end of the story.

And Korra lost her whole friggin’ memory! I’ll look for it now. No progress at all this episode: Do they take damage from physical attacks? Avatar eplsode plus making sure Tenzin carried on the legacy of the airbenders. Why can’t evil win sometimes lol. Animation and quality is good and the plot so far is alright. Hence the lion turtles needing to protect the humans. That guy has always been kind to her and tried his very best to accommodate her needs. On the love triangle plot resurfacing, I’m kinda pissed about that too.


Of course the first only happened because the two corrupt officers tricked him, and the second as because he had evidence pertaining to the case. I was a bit shocked Korra was able to perform so well against Vatoo, in the avatar state she was having a rough time against dark spirits in earlier episodes but now all of a sudden she was actually able to comfortably imprison Vatoo.

I’m liking the music so far, especially the upbeat tracks. Disappointed with Bei Fong, how does someone like her not see that she’s being played? Global corruption sounds like a job for them. I always thought that meant you can master the elements because you’ve done it before, but it’s possible he was referring to how Wan had to do the exact same thing.

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Not that animeultimz excuses his lack of good parenting skills, but it is understandable. IchigoK Jul 31, The godzilla-like confrontation in the last episode was both underwhelming and anti-climactic. As expected Korra was being manipulated by her uncle, the fact that she aided the guy’s plans by actually opening portal, and not closing it like she was led to believe, makes her past behavior look even more stupid.

I’m watching the 13th episode right now.