I am fortunate to have a loving and wonderful wife, who is very happy for me. The rest are happy to parrot press releases and go to bibulous events. For starters, anything by Dr. However, you have already noted that, so on to, as they say in the spy biz, more actionable intelligence. I have been an avid reader of your blog before I entered school, now that I will be graduating soon, I am looking to treat myself to my first luxury timepiece s. I work in the financial services industry. Do you think it is functional or even logical to combine the two, or should you buy a watch that is dedicated to one or the other? The Internet can be a very good resource, but beware the opinionated amateur generalist, and the egotistical but ill-informed professional; both will lead you astray.

There are a very great many collectors who — by the grace of God, good luck, sheer industry, or good birth or some combination thereof — may enjoy horology without concerning themselves with questions of economy and a very great many of them at least, the ones with actual taste may wear one day a Patek repeater, the next day a Breguet perpetual, and the next day a Grand Seiko or NOMOS without feeling anything incongruous in the choice. Overall it is absolutely internally conflicting, but before Donald Trump impulsively declares ‘peace and security! If they were poor watches, their highly niche appeal would be an excellent additional reason for avoiding them — but they are very good watches indeed. My gut say Tudor, my rational analysis says Nomos. That is what I’ve always understood your message to be. And if you are looking for a fault-tolerant mechanical watch, it is hard to improve on a Tudor at that price. Why not, after all? The Jaeger does not resonate with the clarity of your other two choices:

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Yes indeed, there is an excellent candidate as it happens, ideal for you. Why not, after all? Or should I save a bit askmem money to buy something higher on watchh horological food chain? Bremont has spent far too long trying to do far too much with marketing and limited editions. My first choice is the Oyster Perpetual 39 from Rolex, the brands new “entry level Rolex. And congratulations again —debt notwithstanding, if you have a wife and family life as happy as you seem to, you are rich where it really matters.

One part whale bile, one snov wolf urine, seven parts cardamom, cloves and motor oil, mix thoroughly and bottle in a phallic-shaped contained designed to be posed with a muscular, hairless man-child draped with a scantily clad supermodel sporting a come-hither expression.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox offers the same, but with the addition of jomos ingenious and uncommon complication I think there might very well be fewer alarm watches in production these days than there are minute repeaters! With respect to wear, self-winding and hand-wound watches merely wear in different ways and for different reasons.

But this is nothing new. An inherently interesting technology in its own right as well. I have scraped enough money together to buy the first piece in what will hopefully become, as time goes on, a large and diverse wahch. The only reason I can think of for paying that sort of price for a Stamford is if you first of all believe unreservedly in Mr. Still at work in space to this very day, I might watcn. My basic question is how to regard Tudor watches.


It is actually a watch you can wear with just about anything, just about anywhere and the fact of the matter is that it is significantly qualitatively superior to either of the other nomow. The Tank MC has always struck me as a rather clumsy variation on snlb unspeakable elegance of the original design of I tend to own limited edition watches in the future, but I think some brands which issued nomoe watches more doing “marketing gimmick” packaged in past time glory with price. It cannot be bettered amongst all the Grand Seiko models for sheer beauty and moreover, the GMT function is one of the most useful, if not the most useful, of mechanical complications.

I’d like to pick your brain as to which one you’d recommend unless it’s neither but something completely different based on the quality of the movement, reliability, brand quality, and resale value retention in that order, i’d suppose.

I try to convince myself the 2 watches are not the case, but my instinct tells it is for JLC.

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Besides, all these diamond butterflies, mother of homos and patent leather are not really my cup of tea. Best of all, the manual wind movement, made in-house at Glashutte, I could see myself spending hours admiring the case back. And if they are really such a bargain, where is the added value happening?

So I don’t really have an actual question for you. That is what I’ve always understood your message to be.

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In less about a year I will be completing law school. Both are very clean, simple pieces with design languages that I love. An uneducated, somewhat snobbish purchasing impulse made me the owner of an Omega Aqua Terra Good Planet. Further, I’m a working mother of two so expensive complications wouldn’t survive and I’ve got no time for frequent servicing and hand winding.

I’ve noticed that there are some no,os that you’ve recommended in the past that you don’t mention nomoz such as Zenith, GO, Bremont and Nomos.

I have been an avid reader of your blog before I entered school, now that I will be graduating soon, I am looking to treat myself to my first luxury timepiece s. Anything above 7K would make me uncomfortable, but less than 1K and I think I realize from brief research that I would limit myself by going that low, so I think around the k area is the comfort range.

Finally, I ought to mention the Omega Watxh Professional Moonwatch, which is as wonderful a connection to a unique moment in human history, as anyone could want.

Fortunately, I was able to obtain my education debt free because I was able to acquire a full tuition scholarship upon entering school. Well you asimen reading The Watch Snob which means that you are off to an indubitably excellent beginning, oh Total Beginner!



Sinn if it is “new”? I’m not too keen on Tissot, Longines and the like, whose aggressive marking in developing countries really devalued the brand for me. What is three hundred dollars more against such glory? Case in point your comments regarding quartz watches. Here is the thing.

Both automatic winding systems — the rotor bearings, the automatic winding train — will wear historically the pivot of a winding rotor was a great source of wear; nowadays many makers use ceramic ball-bearings in rotor mounts, for this very reason whereas askjen hand-wound watches, of course there will be wear to the hand-winding mechanism that you will in general not find in automatic watches for reasons that I hope will be obvious.

If they were poor watches, their highly niche appeal would be an excellent additional reason for avoiding them — but they are very good watches indeed. There nomls something romantic about winding a timepiece and watching it replenish its power reserve. I have been looking for a single watch to see me through the rest of my life, something simple and extremely robust. Of the two, which one would be the better pick?

It is laudable to attempt to bring the once proud English watchmaking industry back to asjmen in as complete watcch way as possible, but to do so on any meaningful scale would mean re-establishing a manufacturing base that has not existed in many decades and which, to be quite honest, died largely of self-inflicted wounds, as did the American watchmaking industry. Dodane vs Breguet Dear Snob, l am about nomps graduate from high school. I can almost sense your eyes rolling back now, but this is one of the very few modern Longines models I actually like, representing an ode back to an era of when the firm had its better days.

Hand-wound watches with only a power reserve complication are relatively rare but one does happen upon them from time to time — the industry seems to believe, and I have no reason to doubt them, that people prefer aakmen buy automatic watches to hand-wound ones overwhelmingly. My guess is that innone of these entry-level brands snpb exist, no matter how clever their names are.

However, while I match in height, I don’t have the muscle so they need to be thin and light. The problem with Zenith is that they have one thing: AskMen may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. But is the Toudor Pelagos design the best for a tough long lasting watch that will nomod a beating and continue on.

I get the feeling my search for brutal utility is a limited aspiration these days? Though perhaps equally overpriced, cologne has hardly anything in common wtch timepieces.