Mayo is a practical, down-to-earth sort of person. The story of the brave Vermont brigade that helped win the Civil War. Thanks for the mention, Margot. Experience the unique ecology of the Outer Landsin this reissued classic. Edgar Award-winning travel writer spends an autumn living in one of America’s spookiest tourist destinations: The life of the average soldier at the onset of the American Revolution in words and photographs.

Thanks again for opening my mind and eyes to yet another undiscovered wonder in print. Jerry — I can quite imagine how Cape Cod would have had lots of copes of books by both authors. I write crime fiction, and I love to talk about it, so please share your thoughts! I have not heard of this one and I shall now seek this title when next in the Library or online if it is still in print. Well, I am usually a stickler for reading in order, so I will probably go looking for a copy of 2, when I can afford to buy books. I also love that there are many suspects with lots of motive and little alibis. Experience the majesty and terror of the Gold Rush firsthand. The intimate guide to life as a Shaker in 19th century America.

The Cape Cod Conundrum. This book provides a glimpse at the lives, weapons, and equipment of these soldiers through a collection of artifacts and exacting reproductions. The Berkshire Reader is an extraordinary literary record inspired by one attractive corner of New England.

Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Thanks for checking out my site! Confederate Soldier of the American Civil War. Storied Bars of New York. Over wholesome recipes from the kitchens of the Canterbury Shakers. A Season with the Witch. So people with any means at all did their best to escape the swelter of New York City in the summer.

I write crime fiction, and I love to talk about it, so please share your thoughts! A classic collection of ponderings about maritime living for all lovers of Maine. Taylor’s work was light in tone, a bit more serious than screwball comedybut fun and easy to read. I could hear the faint chugging of the fisher boats as they started out to the grounds. You are commenting using your Facebook account. And I know just what you mean about the book making you want to go to Cape Cod.


It is worth the search though I agree. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Nice overview, I was looking forward to it. The Cape Cod setting is reflected in the physical descriptions of the area too: The first mystery in the popular police procedural series introduces the long-suffering detective Colin Harpur.

Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mysteries | W. W. Norton & Company

They were all reprinted some years ago but even the reprints are getting harder to find. According to critic Dilys Winn, “Mrs. Makes it more interesting for the reader. But almost everyone is found to have arsenic among his or her possessions.

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Even his own brother admits that Sanborn treated everyone treacherously. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The million-copy aesy novel of the New England frontier.

And about reading the books in order? Back by popular demand for the first time in years, The Countryman Press is pleased to reissue four Cape Cod mysteries mvoie the witty and salty Asey Mayo, “A local handyman who knows something about police work and everything about everybody’s business” Marilyn Stasio, Mystery Alley.

Murder Workshops and Presentations.

Mayo is a practical, down-to-earth sort of person. Hidden Waters of New York City.

The Asey Mayo Trio (Asey Mayo Mystery) by Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Writers constantly struggle to answer this question: They are indeed available on Amazon U. Do you think it matters about reading them in order? Original short stories by best-selling mystery writers about their favorite pastime—fishing.


Jennie’s charitable and civic activities in the community often provide the starting point for Asey’s cases, but another constant theme is the interference of “folks from away” in local affairs. Of course so much the better if your library has it. Local sheriff Slough Sullivan takes over the investigation. Hope to get to another book in the series sometime this year.

Contact Me You’re welcome to send me an email at: The Political Legacy of George D. There are certainly examples in those novels and in, say, police procedurals where the culprit chooses suicide.

From the home front in Vermont to the battlefields of Virginia. There’s been another murder on the Cape, and the keen and salty Asey Mayo is on the trail again. In the eight novels chronicling his adventures, Witherall is confronted with a corpse under unusual and maximally embarrassing circumstances that suggest his own guilt, requiring him to enlist a motley crew of assistants, use disguise and impersonation to escape discovery, and engage in at least one scavenger-hunt-like chase before solving the crime.

All the books have a strong sense of the Cape Cod background, and many have a mayl sense of time as well. In the Absence of Iles. And this series has a real sense of Cape Cod and that part of the North Atlantic.

Sanborn was a muckraking writer and a blackmailer. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

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