So that qualifies me to be critical. Home Contact Us Top Stories. The training took my small company to the next level. Tools and techniques used in the traditional old school method of hooking it up the tree. Like the boomerang shot. Even a complete section on the different throwline types.

Home Contact Us Top Stories. Kman Member Jul 9, Sweetgum , Aug 30, Broke down in many related topics. Will be at least 5 or 6 weeks before the first set is even available to the public. Can we see teasers at Jerry’s website? I’ve met Rip Tompkins and he seemed like a decent person who wouldn’t be the least bit interested in selling ‘overpriced’ videos. May 5, Messages:

I don’t know about narrating children’s books, I see Jerry more as the host of “Death Valley Days”, if anyone remembers that TV program with Ronald Reagan before he entered politics. Perhaps Jerry will chime in soon Which is a vital element towards the advancement of a competent and safe Working Climber. I just watched the throwline video thanks Gerry!

Just something to do since I’ve been laid off. Filmed in the spectacular giant redwoods of Northern California, Working Climber covers every aspect of tree entry and climber movement. Log in or Sign up. I don’t go into all the gadgetry that’s available and used.

This series promises to be very essential tool for any working climber’s education. Anyone performing tree work will benefit from this DVD set! Feb 15, Messages: It was a great time. And too, many self taught tricks learned through serendipitous discovery and school of hard knocks. Even a complete section on the different throwline types. JimmychipsApr 1, Can we see teasers at Jerry’s website? Well thank you, Jay. I am familiar with his grant proposal that he wrote for the training you spoke of.


Apr 25, Messages: I think I just got out of part of a lecture next Monday.

I don’t know if they’re available yet. Adapting the Pantin and arbormasher grabs into a double line system. From Jerry’s site, I imagine. Yeah Jerry, let me know when this will all be available.

What’s this, “Get shorty” day? And how to throw a hissy fit when you get your lines stuck. The knots demonstrated in the rigging section are also included as part of the Art and Science of Practical Rigging series.

Aspects and methods of movement through the tree, vertical and horizontal. Your name or email address: But for that intro day, the cheap ropes i got from the Sherrill booth, meeting some climbers and rapping; that day price was a true gift in price and purpose.

Can’t wait for the Working Climber Series 2!! Dec 11, Messages: Because they got to be. It’s a good lump of change, I believe pretty much no strings attached, while the bureaucrats argue about more or less funding for that endowment program, but what you are doing is a great contribution, without a doubt.

Awesome New DVD’s From Gerald Beranek!

Do you already have an account? The Arbormaster training series videos are very good, perhaps an option. Setting a remote anchor TIP tie-in point. And then, “SRT”, 32 minutes.


ArborMaster ISA Training DVD Series – ArborMaster

I hope he has success and good fortune in all of his future endeavors. TheTreeSpyderAug 28, Never even saw some of the tools used to throw a throwline before this Thanks again, Gerry.

How in the world can there be one hour of heaving a weight and line over a limb? Let me know when this is ready Gerry. Crotch selection, tight trining, sucker tops, spindly tops, ascending limbs, drooping limbs. In our classes, most of the trainees were beginning to intermediate climbers. The students will see this one for sure.

So, if you haven’t already done so, order your set today! I too can’t wait to purchase the dvd’s. And too, the fellow that let me use the videp.

It’s the cats meow. A very worthwhile program and well worth the cost. If that clip is an indication it will become an invaluable resource. When it comes available I’ll be sure to let you know. I plan on doing the Advanced Climbing and the Rigging 2 modules also.