Just then, a shadowy figure approaches… Ack! For those who dislike or are disgruntled with the drama, tough luck and move on. The next day, Eun-oh speaks with an air of finality to Dol-swe and the Bangs, thanking them for looking after him and asking them to keep up their hard work in the future. And might have even killed Arang! This is all because of you! I agree, I love these twists.

That’s how I ended up dropping a few dramas. Hey, they could be brothers! Thanks again for the recap ;. In the haste of the moment they forget to put the soul sealing talisman thingy. I hadn’t known SMA before this drama and she’s so lovable! He asks Eun-oh to let him give the child a prosperous name. Arang calls out for Eun-oh at the grave, and then jumps to see Mu-young looming behind her. Can’t wait for the rest of the eps to come out, and if any of the theories you’d pointed out would bear out.

Episode 12 by LollyPip.

I wanna kick his cute little behind! Cool as a cucumber as Arang was hysterical. This is why I like this show as well. Mu-young asks Jade Emperor if he was the one who freed Arang from her red ropes.

Sin takes on the role of lovely virgin ghost Arang who takes action before thinking when something happens but has the ability to change risk into chance in the MBC drama ” Arang and the Magistrate “. If i was binge-watching like i usually do then I wouldn’t appreciate it as much, but I have to wait so i like the endings.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Was this when Soul Chawing Mom lost her family and went wacko demony delightful and she’s all soul eating vampiro Mom?


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He asks Eun-oh to let him give the child a prosperous name. The ratings has been up and down not deciling after each episode. While the show did a wonderful ogoddrama of world building and mystery, ultimately this show was about the characters, about love, and about what it means to live and how we can and deserve to live.

No need to fear reapers for now because she’s “alive”. I totally loved them. I am enjoying it more than any other drama, even Faith.

Oooh the evil mum is creeping me out so much!! I also love how the drama highlights that Eun-oh had autonomy, the whole way through. I think the payoff will be so much more exciting if we get the episde burn it’s only been 6 out of 20 after all because we’re also going to get to see how they change one another as they continue in both their journeys.

Arang and the Magistrate

Your email address will not be published. KDaddict August 31, at 1: She scrambles back to the gravesite and starts untying the rope, and calls out to Mu-young for help. This is an amazing show: I think better for him not to remember because he was so filled with anger at Great King Jade I dont think he would have been able to live a happy life. I think evil an like what we see shaman girl doing thr, asked for a powerful spirit to possess her so that she can take revenge on either JE or KoU.

He looked really tired in his event today in Japan but still managed to be totally animated during the interview session. I also would love to know why not Eun Oh? He giggles in glee at the luck of chancing upon two livers at once, and Arang backs up, terrified. They’re all quite interesting. What the heck is Arang?


She has technically been missing for 3 years only I feel like once Eun-oh finds his mother is when the story is really going to start. Dol-swe alerts him to a strange discovery outside: This show’s running theme on what it MEANS to BE human is goodrdama so much love – Arang’s desires, Evil Mom’s twisted lost souls, and even among the real living humans, from Joowal’s sad beggar past to murderer present, gooddrxma Eun-oh’s character and also non-noble status And I know that Eun Oh believes every bit of what Arang says.

They both keep their love for each other, and with that consciousness, with their love remaining in their hearts that would span a lifetime, find each other once again. In the first instance, I thought our ending was lopsided, making me feel sorry for one-half of the pairing and less so for the other.

Wawa, I’m all giddy already, I hope they cover up the lack of relationship next week, such a splendid chemistry!

Sometimes the internal monologues work, especially when characters are mulling things over and making connections, but it often seems more like a crutch than anything. Eun -oh on the other hand still feels very mysterious to me. She lifts the veil and motions for him to come close.

Oh drama, why must you leave me?