But I also wanted to see EO’s childhood with the ghosts I feel for you, I do. I love those two so much and theirs was truly one of the epic love stories of K-dramaland. Shin Min Ah Main Cast. Very happy for this great drama finished with a lovely satisfying ending, yayyy!! He was going to offer Eun-oh a place in heaven for his sacrifice, but Eun-oh insisted on returning to the living world.

But the cute kids. But I will hold onto that feeling forever. Then Dol-swe pulls her over to a table of jewelry and asks what she likes. Say, I can totally identify with LJG’s character in Iljimae because the story narrates from his perspective so I can feel the character’s emotions like my own. But then when Eun Oh found his book, I realized that that was the purpose of this scene, and not Seo Rim’s truth, whom we knew — and Arang knew — caused her own death. We are responsible for our own decisions and actions! EO’s character development took stranglehold in the later half and boy, was it well-written.

Baek Hyun Supporting Cast. Log in with Email. One by one, Eun-oh takes care of the ghosts. It was also very cute that each time they magiztrate at the end, he said, maybe he remembered something at the end. The End I was very happy with this episode-every plot point was tied up nicely which can’t be said of the finales of most dramas. And I think Eun Oh does remember,he just did that to tease Arang…pretended that he didnt remember her. Then the Book of Life and Death will answer you.

If Arang had stayed home, Mu-yeon would have probably come straight for her and tried to reboot the possession, under the assumption that Arang’s earlier consent was still valid. Can someone compile all the hanboks that Satto has been wearing??

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20

Xrang drama, why must you leave me? And the other MORAL is You must take your responsibility for all decision you make in your life and not just blame other people for all happens in your life ex: Arang pleads with the magistrate to help find and punish her killer. Did she not share the memory of her death with Eun Oh?


Definitely going to be on my favorites list. Danielle October 19, at I did miss the early comedy, but they sold the emotion so much that in the end it was just all about them earning their happy ending. It was especially moving to see our Magistrate fulfilling Ghost No. It was before acceptance and finally moving on, but I hated being devoid of feelings.

JK, I don’t know if you’re still reading but this: The Top 12 Sageuk K-Dramas.

Eun Oh’s both an ex-slave’s, a magistrate’s and a shaman’s son. Wow this really was my favorite drama. I love main and the secondary couples aranh I am thrilled we didn’t have a triangle JooWal didn’t count or stereotypical evil secondary female who plots to get the main guy.

Truth be told, I think the Book of Life and Death was a deus ex machina.

JK I’m so nodding nodding at your comment is so insighful and giving some view explanation And I know that Eun Oh believes every bit of what Arang says. But I really love the ending.

So she would probably have preferred to endure in hell, holding on to pain and feeling. Since it was a fantasy, I expected them to add a bit of fairy dust and let the two main leads live happily ever after, especially because they saved humanity.

Did she stab herself or was she episoxe into the woods? How could they meet when one died when he was six and the other died knowing and loving one-sidedly one man who did not even reciprocate her love?

This is contrary to EO’s and Arang’s case – where Arang had wanted to go to hell in order to remember EO and EO had reciprocated her love by choosing to go to hell in her stead so that she can be in heaven and although they wanted to be together, they weren’t greedy in hoping for that to happen; they only wanted the other party to be able to live happily wherever they are, something that Mu-Yeon gooddarma considered for Mu-Young.


Kim Yong Gun Supporting Cast.

Like what he said in the end, it doesn’t really matter whether they were magistrats love or not in their previous lives, what matter most is that they have each other now. Anyway, i think junki oppa just to busy to date anyone.

Aurora October 22, at 3: The whole cast was stellar, especially YWJ which is incredible considering the character he playsbut these two just brought it like never before – here’s elisode they work together in a drama again!

I love how they’re reincarnated together!! A young woman is murdered during the Chosun Dynasty under mysterious circumstances. Top Actors Add New Person. The picture blurs, giving us a version with adult Arang and Eun-oh. JW was so sad to me but he was brought back in the end along with MY. I love a drama that magistraate a.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 – MyDramaList

So cute and clever, and the look on his face as adults filled with love- so sweet. They knew what story the wanted to tell because a lot of times the story fails in the middle. I didn’t watch it yesterday because I didn’t want to see it end but I was goodrdama for this episode