But Guillet always denied this, although he was on the run in Massaua, disguised as a water-seller. Emily and Amedeo beside the old abbey at Trim. At Selaclacla, after using the hilt of his sword to dislodge an Ethiopian warrior who had grabbed around the waist, Guillet received a painful wound to the left hand when an explosive bullet hit the pommel of his saddle. Similarly, all the photographs are from the same two sources. Beppe Severgnini listens right , while Dan Vittorio Segre keeps a low profile in the corner. The shells ripped open the chests of Guillet’s horses before exploding.

For all his decency and heroism, Amedeo fought in nasty, ideologically driven wars — the Italian conquest of Ethiopia, and the poisonous Spanish civil war. Characteristically, he had arranged almost everything, even ordering the marble epitaph for his tomb. Exhibitions, articles and ceremonies have encouraged the Italians to appreciate the era’s architecture and art, and the valour and idealism of those who fought for the Fascist regime. Each room chronicled episodes of his life. Yelling, flashing scimitars, firing carbines and tossing grenades, the 1, Italian horsemen swept through the camp, attacking tank crews and brigade HQ staff in a whirlwind of dust and gunfire. Amedeo then returned to the steps in order to recharge. But if were true, the officer was only speaking the simple truth: Amedeo delighted in repeating that Wellington was indignant to be considered Irish just because he was born there:

When the A,edeo finally broke into the city, a group of fleeing Italians ran to safety in this tree. The idea was that Southern Italians would emigrate to the new empire, rather than to noorth adn south America. It was not quite the last cavalry charge in history — the unmechanised Savoia Cavalry regiment charged the Soviets at Izbushensky on the Don in August Don Quixote returns exhausted to Rome … where Fiumicino promptly loses the suitcases.

Amedeo married Beatrice Gandolfo in He could easily have confronted these. A model attribution edit summary using German: Maybe you will be interested in reading at least the corresponding chapter in which his life in Ethiopia is well described.

Amedeo Guillet

Even today, the “Devil Commander” uses words of deep respect and admiration for that proud population to whom he feels himself in debt as a soldier, Italian and man. The Eritrean people remembered Gulliet’s efforts to help Eritrea gujllet independent of Ethiopia.

To a limited extent, this did happen. Inhe was tasked to form a “Gruppo Bande folm Cavallo”. They were right to honour one of their most faithful and distinguished servants. Segre, who died aged 92 at his home in Turin, was a wonderfully eclectic Jewish Italian, or Italian Jew, who happily combined the careers of author, journalist, Israeli diplomat, academic and ameeo for peace in the Middle East.


Amedeo Guillet Amedeo Guillet, who died on June 16 agedwas the Italian officer who led the last cavalry charge faced by the British Army. Guillet fought for Franco in the Spanish Civil War, whose savagery accelerated his disenchantment with Mussolini. Among modern readers, my Italian hero presents uncomfortable questions.

In fact, it was his first question, which is why the famously irascible Montanelli is doing the pointing. Amedeo revisits Ad Teclesan inand points out his entrenchments which lay below the level of the road.

I have found very interesting and complementary the two descriptions one from a high ranked officer like Amadeo and his as a simple soldier. The ‘man on the white horse’ Amedeo Guillet, Descended from a noble family from Piedmont and Capua. This was the challenge of the book and why I felt a biography of Amedeo Guillet would find an audience outside Italy.

At his side was his mistress, Khadija, an Ethiopian Muslim, for he never believed he would ever see Italy or Beatrice again. Dear Ludovico, Thank you for leaving a message on the site. He is buried with his father and mother, Bice, and Uncle Amedeo, the army corps commander, who had been such an influence on his life and who had made him his heir.

At a distance of 25 yards they fired, cutting swathes through the galloping horses but also causing mayhem as the shells exploded amid the Sikhs and Skinner’s Horse. Amedeo Guillet with his Amhara cavalry.

September 22, at 2: After spending most of his childhood in the south — he remembered the Austrian biplane bombing of Bari during the First World War — he followed family tradition in joining the army. His friendship with his then mentor Italo Balbo, the governor of Libya, meant he had connections with the highest figures in the regime. It was remarkable how many Eritrean veterans had fought in exactly the same places as Amedeo, 60 years before.

Most of the Italian army surrendered, but Guillet refused to do so. The miraculous baubub tree at Keren.

A young officer dashed up and proclaimed breathlessly: Amedeo Guillet leading his men to war. Early infollowing outstanding successes in the Western Desert, the British invasion of Mussolini’s East African empire seemed to be going like clockwork.


Amedeo Guillet: the man on the white horse The ‘man on the white horse’

Gazelle Force would continue the chase on 21 January, but it was still dawn, time for a cup of tea in the chilly half-light. The children grew up on Amedeo stories and had that bond that grows so naturally between great age and childhood.

He never stops to repeat that “the Eritreans are the Prussians of Africa without the defects of the Prussians”. British visitors were struck by his easy friendship with his neighbours in the souk, as well as the incongruity of foxhunting prints decorating his walls. Ahmed, then the crown prince to his father Imam Yahia, became a close friend of Amedeo.

British visitors were struck by his easy friendship with his neighbours in the souk, as well as the incongruity of foxhunting prints decorating their walls.

RAI TV film – The ‘man on the white horse’ The ‘man on the white horse’

Segre, who died aged 92 at his home in Turin, was a wonderfully eclectic Jewish Italian, or Italian Jew, who happily combined the careers of author, journalist, Amedel diplomat, academic and campaigner for peace in the Middle East. Even before the regime, the Italian government frittered money on the vanity project of its empire, rather than the impoverished south at home.

He also witnessed aerial gas attacks on Emperor Haile Selassie’s lightly armed warriors, which appalled world opinion. Una bellissima idea la tua. Amedeo Guillet succeeded in recruiting thousands of Eritreans. Two curious British intelligence officers pursued him: In Rome a shaken Benito Mussolini lamented the quality of his army.

Since Guillet had been living in retirement in KentstownAmede Meath, Ireland although latterly he had spent his winters in Italy. The two were well matched: The ‘man on the white horse’ Amedeo Guillet, Some foreign ministry officials doubted Ambasciatore Guillet was still alive, and frantic telephone calls were made fulm his house in rural Ireland.