I must pull the attention to the fakeness of the story that some books of Ekhwan tell regarding the person who came from Egypt and that he was Seyyid Qutub. Later, the knight of knights and the sheikh of sheikhs, the Emir of Hizb ut-Tahrir His Eminence Sheikh Abdul-Qadeem Yusuf Zalloum, born in the year , was announced dead in the day of 27 Safar H, 29 April , aged at eighty As during the beginning of the establishment of the Hizb, Sheikh Al-Badry and his friends had heard the news of the establishment of the Hizb in Al-Quds, thus they came from Baghdad to Al-Quds questioning and searching. And in an undated letter the law was supported by the president of Al-Khaleel municipality and the famous english agent, mohammed ali al-jaa’bary. Page 39 of partisan stands due of which they were chased, arrested and jailed for various times. Their facebook page has Thus, the Hizb took the decision in November to conduct a general experiment, using a very strong means in a very ordinary leaflet, and the Hizb insisted on the means strongly.

May Allah rest you, O Abu Talat, you were our teacher and big sheikh, one of the pioneers in the Hizb, the companion of Abu Ebraheem and Abu Yusuf in the Dawah and before it, you slapped the Hizb and its challenge in the face so badly, you let down the Ummah that had put its hope in the Hizb so badly, and you were awarded by “hasan alkateb” as he had promised you with an elegant position; the manager of the house of 66 Rasool: Sheikh Abdul- Aziz and with him Mr. The book of Allah is between us, if you were a Muslim. Each Usrah is hosted by one of its members on periodical rotation basis. He was one of the spiteful persons towards Hizb ut-Tahrir. Page 71 of becomes stable and clear with no residuals of whatsoever. We used to know the value of proof, but not the proof or evidence that I was missing in all the parties’ books I read and refused, rather my huge refusal was to the topic being represented by the corrupt communist, socialist or nationalist thoughts. He recently authored many unique and edge-cutting books in various fields, like “Family is a Castle Shielded by Allah and His Messenger” – Part 1:

However, the Sheikh was sent few weeks later to the desert prison of Al-Jafer upon orders of the real ruler of Jordan and the leader of ikam, john globe pasha.

Sometimes attacks against the meetings the Shabab used to hold were conducted in the districts and neighborhoods. The same happened in court, when these two brothers challenged the judge and that he is ruling with kufr and will be destined to hell if he doesn’t repent and assist Islam and become an enemy of the kafir regime instead of his service to the kufr and tyranny, which made the judge loose his temper cursing at them and the Hizb and accusing them with agency to america and communists.

What are the qraf and similarity between us? Page of principles, rather he takes the whole affair into his hands and resolve it in a decisive manner, fast, and accepts no negotiations over the Haq…etc.

Dear Brother Awadallah, Assalamo Alaikom Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh, I am glad to read this documentation of history that is necessary for us and afel coming generations. This was overcome by assigning new leadership members to replace the ones who pulled out. During talking he said: The storm of “abdul-naser” lasted for long fruitless years, where the Hizb didn’t progress for an inch.


And when the coup of abdul-kareem qasem took place in Iraq, 14 Julyagainst the royal family, the people looked after the heads of corruption and agents, killed them and dragged them along the streets, among whom there was king faisal, his crown prince abdul-ilah, the majority of men and women of criminal royal family, and bloodPage of sucking thug prime minister nuri al-sae’eed, the creator of the idea of Baghdad alliance, who was hiding in woman’s clothes.

Thus, when the Hizb interacts with the public, providing it with the Hizb’s opinions and thoughts, working hard to rectify its concepts, to revive the Islamic Aqeeda in it, and to create honest atmosphere and good public customs, through the Hizb’s concepts, which requires calling and campaigning and advertising, to gather people around it on the basis of principle, in a way that would strengthen the Ummah’s belief in the principle, and create trust in Hizb’s concepts, and respect and appreciation towards it, and carry the Ummah to the status of willingness to obey and work.

Then the Sheikh exploded in laughter when the guardian told him the story, understanding why they were extra tough with him. Some of them refrained from doing the instructions because of fear, thus left the Dawah.

Al Araf Adel Imam Episode 1

To be self defeated, which is intolerable for Dawah carriers, is to get along with those giving misguided fatwas, whether in talk or act, thinking that this is better not to cause turbulence. Download the pdf book here The Beloved. Regarding your praises, I ask Allah to write that as good deed foe me with your prayers, still I feel ashamed to keep silent towards it during my life span, as I am so scared that if I keep Page of silent that it would be counted as a bas deed for ap, as if I wished for fame or praise.

Araaf, the assigned member of parliament ismail hijazy minister of agriculture later on interfered to convince them to declare their innocence of the Hizb to get out of prison, which made Mohammed Badawy to criticize him severely and kick him out calling him a soldier of Satan.

Page 44 of Among those pioneers, who joined the Hizb before others, there were numbers of school teachers, knowledgeable scholars and Sharii judges.

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Allah has blessed the believers with the foundations of understanding all through ages, but He only blessed us to get to know how to discipline those foundations, as part of what Allah has blessed us with through that Faqeeh Genuine Genius that words and titles get small when we want to list his characteristics, thus I suffice with pointing at him as he used to like me to call him “Abu Ebraheem”, Taqi-yuddin An-Nabhany, may Allah have mercy on him, a mercy that would cover all his students and march companions, to recall them and live by them.

Salla Allahu alayhi Wassalam: This is the concept of reforming movement; patching one, as they don’t target to demolish of the corrupt society rather correcting its path while keeping it.

Also, communism found sympathizers due to the call to end the hunger of people The reason of mentioning the first three names wasn’t to exclude others, rather to pull attention to their stories that I’d like to mention. Page 60 of Muslim orphans in Al-Quds, how disgraceful that such position characterized you as a traitor, and it is a betrayal indeed, and the soul is prone to evil.


When no one stood up, he repeated his shouting several times. The Sheikh exploded in laughter when he told me the story. The Hizb continued issuing political statements and commentaries, and mobilization Page of leaflets.

It’s a no-brainer for any Muslim to be aware of it. Upon getting in touch with the author, he welcomed the idea of translation and provided me with the book.

The path and methodology of the Hizb is outlined in its book “Partisan Massing”, and when it was at the end of its attempt to address the Ummah, it issued the leaflet of “Entrance to Society” explaining in it how to enter the society, and how the state is established and the power is shifted.

In a previous session, he responded to the declaration of sae’eed al-mofty’s government, who had charkas Page of origins; His Eminence addressed sae’eed al-mofty saying: It also attacked the so-called “islamic scholarly committee” mentioned in episode 9. The family name An-Nabhany is after the tribe of Beni20 Nabhan that belongs to the Desert Arabs in Palestine, which settled down in the village of Ejzim, county of Safad, which is attached to the city of Haifa in Northern Palestine. The Sheikh’s grandfather; the father of his mother, as mentioned in some bibliographies: Until when will you oppress the people and judge them with kufr?

Myself hated their intellectual arguments, not their evidence but the topic of their evidence, and I used to see their sayings after months or meeting with them, reading their books and listening to their explanations, I used to see their sayings as intellectual dirt, and their evidence as if they sink into realistic dirt.

He had his hand paralyzed and his body totally weakened due to the severe torture the tyrants implemented on him. Without adhering to those foundations, do you think I would have known any of what I know in this age? The whole Islamic Ummah lost the most prominent scholar of his time, the bowl of knowledge, the most famous faqeeh of 31 Absolute Mojtahed: Do you see me one of those, O my dear brother?

Ali Eipsode, and Sheikh Omam Baa’darany.

Dawah carrierit usually, but not necessarily, means a member of the Hizb. Page 57 of Hizb from one country to another, the leadership members asked for the exemption of Syria from being subject to the Hizb’s work, to be safe haven for the leadership. Page 53 of In forming these Usrahs, epidode separation was remarkably taken into account. Because the Hizb constructed its work on a solid basis; the Islamic Aqeeda65, which forced its march to be according to the Sharii methodology, because of that, Allah SWT had protected the Hizb 65 Islamic Creed.