Seeing how this fight could possiby be the end of Kai, Sunmi goes and lets Mera know since she senses that the two have had past connections , and runs into the department store to go and save him. It was sealed by a talisman labeled R This is due to the government borrowing quite a bit of money from Midland Star. Not wanting to draw attention from the other SARUs, they decide to congregate at a sushi place you know, the one where the sushi travels by on the conveyor belt? Kids can’t see why it’s Awesome. Ano Hino o Tegami Dai Sakusen! Naturally, the immediate response for Kenji and the Build Angels is to kick their ass.

There’s not much visual damage, but you know how bad fangirls can ruin things deep down. Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge. And maybe even more than that, if you notice how enthusiastic they are. Gedou Otometai The five Hokke sisters lost their parents when they were quite young. Of course, Jadakings follows suit and fights him there. One day, the youngest sister Utano found a jar. His status makes him a big shot amongst the rest of the government. Except for that guy in the yellow hoodie.

The first part of this episode was actually pretty great. But now, I can try and catch up with some of it. Ano Hino o Tegami Dai Sakusen! Of course, Jadakings follows suit and fights him there. Edit Synopsis Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge is an anime series that combined episodes of two related stories into one broadcast block. Kotetsushin Jeeg came in third, since like some other times, rewatching it was a bit awkward. Kikaider vs Inazuman Sakura Wars: As their manager, Tomokazu Seki rabugw, attempts to find them a job so they can rise to superstardom, they take part-time jobs as superheroine duo “Love Pheromone “.

Well, according to two schoolgirls who Kai passes by, the police have eposode to the yakuza egdou are being forced out of interference, but I personally think that the huge war that took place a long while before the series proper scared the police out of ever interfering with the tribes again. Take out the “this week’s” and it’s a legitimate Japanese double entendre.


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Zettai Seigi Dai Sakusen! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The night after the competition ends and another attempt at Love Pheromone gaining stardom is shot into the DS Absolution Zone, Aimi tries to see what kind gedu fruits she can stick in her shirt to give off the illusion that she has big breasts.

The vision of the expected future inspires Aimi to do the impossible: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most of the episodes consist of two stories, one for Aimi and Kaoruko Love Pheromone and one episore the Hokke sisters Gedou Otome Taialthough occasionally they meet and interact with each other.

It is the land of the samurai, after all.

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ComedyMagical girl. However, Kagura, not having heard a word Ojii has said, decides to celebrate their victory by cooking Pesu. None found, add some. Now I’m never gonna know if that big-breasted chick did the drop or not! Well, later on, Akumako comes up with the next act of evil the Gedou Otome-tai should commit: Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. Just as long as there are no humans inside, which is one reason this plan is bound to fail. In general, this episode of AGHR was a epiosde one.

It’s a Lovely Romance!

Of course, Gintoki tells Prince Baka that he should go look for Pesu himself. The one who did the music for FLCL. Speaking of which, just as Kai is escaping the aftermath, he notices Hashim in the distance with his car. To make their names 77, they decided to do side job.

I Was Blinking, Love Pheromone! One of the two members of the band, Takashi Ifukube, is one of the six scriptwriters for AGHR, so that probably explains how the director was allowed to make an episode about them even though Kanashi is the center focus. Nice, casual music that sounds pretty awesome, coming from a two man band: Which means they have no choice but to chase after Pesu by way of rolling around in the octopus jar.

In fact, the lack of the money the Yorozuya has is preventing Gintoki from paying Shinpachi the wages he needs to keep his household afloat. It had some good fight scenes, some awesome moments, some surprisingly good Mandarin, and even a nice emotional scene to top it all off.


Again, sorry about the late release of episode 6. What was their name again? A full month ahead! The cameraman got sick of it and gave them the best one out of the hundreds he took. Once again, Aimi saves Kaoruko from being assaulted in more ways than one and drags the other girls down to the bottom of the pool, raping them herself.

Unfortunately, all their efforts end up helping somebody, and they akahofi mistakenly thought of as heroes.

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Kenji takes the mother and child into the Build Base building, telling them that Miwa will probably know who Shiba is.

The first event of the afternoon: Another theme is following one’s dreams, whether they are of being the world’s greatest evil or being a famous comedy duo and having legions gecou fans. As well as other thingsā€¦. Somewhere in Kyushu, Kenji’s trying to watch this while avoiding a beatdown from Tsubaki and the Build Angels.

As the competition goes on, Kaoruko is faced with even more threats against her swimsuit, and Aimi takes care of all of them: To be more specific, this job is Kaoruko-centric.

Retrieved episoee ” https: Not ideal dancing music, but it was pretty cool.

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After taking a look at the reunion between Shiba and his family, Kenji and Tsubaki go off into one of the rooms of the building. Thankfully, Himika uses her great power to remove the barrier and allow Ikima to pass through. And much to her pleasure, the first song they sing is dedicated to her.