They all took turns popping her upside her head but Kokila was the funniest one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. July 31, at 8: She really changed in a good way. June 21, at 6: July 23, at 8: Rashi sets the temple on fire again?

If you have missed recent episodes, read on to get a snapshot…. July 6, at 7: So just like Devoleena says….. July 10, at 3: You have got to be kidding me! Anyway,so did you know that Devoleena and Vishal are actually dating in real life and that Gopi and Jigar had to actually be together in the show?

Anyway I am getting a little bored with KoKi not getting her memory back and now with her acting all crazy thinking her family wants to kill her and that doggone Radha is such a retard I wish they would find someone else to play her role. Anyways,I love how Zaves is standing up. I agree it would be nice if Radha would turn positive. I took the audition. Anyways,I just saw an article of me entering Saathiya.

Then when Gopi smacked the living daylights out of Radha I was so happy. I think their stretching this thing way too far!


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gpi June 19, at 2: So have a great day. I know this is really killing her because she is so in love and devoted to Ahem.

The scene with Aunt Esther was very funny! I wonder what she has next in line to do as far as her career is concerned. Anyway…this is exciting news that some teacher will xaves in love with Gopi. It was so noisy.

Bhavani Humiliates Gopi

I got a ton of random,funny,and just plain beautiful pictures with everyone. Goli is a proud grown up woman. She has developed a new sense of independence about herself and to tell you the truth I like that. I hope when they will slap Radha again or whatever they will also find out about Urmila being with them. She insists that the teacher stays. Anita says i am sorry but you are wrong i had not left the house but fie made me left because ahem chosed you.

A man holds her and flees from there. She has grown up and has gone through so many. The scene is too cute to see nice bonding between Ahek and Kokila. I just cannot believe how they are still harboring anger towards poor Gopi and still blaming her for the death of Meera when it was not her fault at all.


July 26, at 8: She is always peeping around corners looking for opportunity to ruin the family. June 29, at 6: So the teacher is going to try to marry Gopi. But the sneak preview got savse scared,though! Especially when she said to Kinjal that she wants a husband like Dhawal.

June 20, at 7: Fingers crossed for you! Did you get to see that. I had so much fun and excitement burning in me on set and imagine actually working there and with safes Jaggi says that all of them are very nice to him but he cannot carry on any longer.

Anyway,I might be doing a blog to on wordpress.