Ia pun mengekpresikan cintanya dengan mencium Kim Bum. However, their height difference is very obvious in some scenes even with those freakin high heels that SHK wears, they still look good together though. Kim bum kiss eun ji a pink lips in ‘that winter, the wind blows’ Kim bum and eun ji told each other the feeling of their love and kissing in ‘that winter, the wind blows’. There are different kinds of chima: Penasaran jg temennya OY ksh tau ttg obatnya OS,apa yah? Jd kepo hehe walau d ep 14 agak suram dan sedih Bahkan ia mengakui jika Kim Bum terlihat keren saat menciumnya.

Did you miss your activation email? Not Your Typical Cinderella Drama. Starnews via Soompi Shared by: In 1 year , SBS drama in the first half and the second half has been a strong move. Benar kan Happy Ending?? December 04, ,

Dia telah menyerah pada segala sesuatu setelah kematian cinta pertamanya. Every frame is like a beautiful painting and those gorgeous close up of the lead actors are keeping you in awe. However, the initial episodes of the same comic book moviesplus then caught in suspected case of plagiarism should be reduced attractiveness.

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Ia dikisahkan memiliki karakter yang dingin dan tidak mudah percaya dengan orang lain. December 03, Oh Soo menciumnya dan berharap operasinya akan sukses. Kim eun oh mengembara buat cari ibunya yang pergi ninggalin dia. Oh Soo is a complex character, he is confident and charming ciiuman the outside but confused and deeply troubled inside. But then the work is ” All About My Romance ” with themes ciuan political exploitation and love the other members of the government did not get the audience’s sympathy.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kim Beom Indonesia Fans Club added 7 new photos to the album: Ia pun mengekpresikan cintanya dengan mencium Kim Bum. Moreover, they compliment each other so well since Oh Soo wants to live while Oh Young wants to die. Broadcast viewers “breathless this scene was! In the other hand, Oh Soo finally can find a meaning in his trashy life, to protect a girl that he loves so dearly.

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As Oh Soo tries to gain trust from Oh Young, he begins to fall in love with her. Oh Soo Jo In Sung is an orphan who is left heartbroken after his first love passes away.

Bahkan ia mengakui jika Kim Bum terlihat keren saat menciumnya. FM Japan 2nd yg dijual baidu. All this time eun ji loved jo in sung who was the former lover of her brother who had passed ciumah.

They are treating each other like brothers and Jin Sung always follow Oh Soo everywhere like a little puppy. Jd kepo hehe walau d ep 14 agak suram dan sedih Gave Jo’s intense action scenes, as if the feeling of watching a movie, bereft of reason, seemed unfocused eyes as the smoke express a strong commitment to anger on them and keep the woman he loves.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows”: Gorgeous & Intriguing Drama

My friend, Ireane, who was joining exchange program in Jeju University was comeback to Aceh: But half a year laterwith enormous ambition rankingsSBS has regained his self-esteem. Meets the fifty Song Hye Kyo and jomu iron Kim Witer minutes of the characters ‘winter’ which aired in the last 7 days from sewage Cho as soon as she went to find.


The first half of the yearaccording to the economic downturnthe drama is affected from that. Preview epi 10 http: Sections of this page. With Oh Soo, Oh Young finds a reason to live because she is gradually falling in love with him, dallam is the loneliness that always haunt her.

When she was a little her parents got divorced, her mom and brother left her and she finds herself becoming visually impaired. He was told to have a cold character and not easy to believe with dala.

But as the story goes, we know that he has been through a lot of sadness and bitterness in his life. Below are several things that Qdegan love about this drama:.

From his first scene we know that he is not a good guy, in fact he is a playboy and notorious gambler.

Sementara itu, Kim Bum terbang kembali ke Korea pada tanggal 1 Desember dan sedang dalam proses memilih proyek berikutnya. Oh Soo hanya mengatakan, ia thqt dia tidak menyukai apa yang akan dia lihat. Did you miss your activation email?

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