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Hillmann GmbH, Halver, Germany. Louis, Missouri on guns made by Crescent Firearms Company, c. In Stenda Werke took over the production ot the Beholla. Bacon Arms Company Norwich, Connecticut, c. Marlin starting in Purchased by Val Forgett of Navy Arms in Colt Manufacturer of firearms since Imported by Diana Import Company. BUA Abbreviation and tradename of Bolte u.

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Marketed by several U. Manufactured a wide variety of firearms, but best known for his early repeating pistols. Eppinger, Incorporated of Detroit, Michigan. BABY Model designation on. Abbreviation for Connecticut Valley Arms Company. Presswerk, Nurnberg, Germany H. Tradename of Victor Bernedo y Cia. American Arms Company Manufacturers of shotguns and two shot Wheeler patent derringers. Tradename on shotguns made by Crescent Firearms Company. Some had Stoye sidecars fitted, and a Stoye Campi luggage trailer could also be fitted. Arrlola Hermanos Revolver makers in Eibar, Spain, c. In Boston, Massachusetts from to 93, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from until they were purchased by Marlin Firearms Company in

Single suhl

Single suhl

Single suhl


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