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Krause the head public prosecutor J. Anstey's and Company, occupied the first four floors of the building. By June white miners joined the flight. There was a portion of the quitrent farm "Cyferfontien" No. White miners lived differently, though not in overwhelming comfort. Shop assistants and others in the urban economy were notified by their employers that their services would not be required after the end of the month. Residents were expected to build their own makeshift shanties on cramped six metre by six metre plots and using communal bucket-system toilets. The residential qualification enabling Uitlanders to vote for the First Volksraad was extended from five to fourteen years and the voting age increased to forty years. Some of them chose to farm where Johannesburg was to rise later. The Centre houses a renowned art gallery. Munnik, the state mining engineer, and ex-judge Antonie Kock were certainly involved.

single ladies in johannesburg

single ladies in johannesburg


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