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The wig found near the mummy is of unknown origin, and cannot be conclusively linked to that specific body. A stupide person angeschaltet alteration of schmuck; see below OED, possibly influenced by Heb. On display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. In the tomb of Meryre II , Nefertiti's steward, the royal couple is shown seated in a kiosk with their six daughters in attendance. Usually used in American English as "the whole Megillah" meaning angeschaltet overly extended explanation or story. This female pharaoh used the epithet 'Effective for her husband' in one of her cartouches, [32] which means she was either Nefertiti or her daughter Meritaten who was married to king Smenkhkare. If this is the case, that influence and presumably Nefertiti's own life would have ended by year 3 of Tutankhaten's reign BC. This is evidence of his return to the official worship of Amun , and abandonment of Amarna to return the capital to Thebes. Most Egyptologists, among them Kent Weeks and Peter Lacovara , generally dismiss Fletcher's claims as unsubstantiated. German stupsen 'poke' OED Shul:

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The name change was a sign of the ever-increasing importance of the cult of the Aten. I would not wish to take one of my subjects as a husband It is also possible that, in a similar fashion to Hatshepsut, Nefertiti disguised herself as a male and assumed the male alter-ego of Smenkhkare ; in this instance she could have elevated her daughter Meritaten to the role of Great Royal Wife. Fletcher led an expedition funded by the Discovery Channel to examine what they believed to have been Nefertiti's mummy. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London There are many theories regarding her death and burial but, to date, the mummy of this famous queen, her parents, or her children has not been found or formally identified. On display at the Ashmolean MuseumOxford. Akhenaten's reign and, more importantly, that they were still holding the same positions as at the start of their reign. The broken-off bent forearm found near the mummy, which had been proposed to have belonged to it, was conclusively shown not to actually belong to the Younger Lady. This makes the deceased Egyptian king appear to be Akhenaten instead rather than Tutankhamun.


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