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She informed James Brougham that she would agree to a divorce in exchange for money. She realised she was nearing death and put her affairs in order. Witnesses said the couple had slept in the same room, kissed, and been seen together in a state of undress. The trial caused a sensation, as details of Caroline's familiarity with Pergami were revealed. Her mother resented her father's open adultery with Louise Hertefeldwhom he had installed as his official mistress inand Caroline was later to confide to Lady Charlotte Campbell, that she was often tired of becoming "shuttlecock" between her parents, as whenever she was civil to one of them, she was scolded by the other. The commission comprised four of the most eminent men in the country: Pergami's mother, brother and daughter, but not his wife, joined Caroline's household. He successfully persuaded them to remove her name from the liturgy of the Church of Englandbut they would not agree to a divorce because they feared the effect of a public trial. He had himself already secretly married Maria Fitzherbert ; however, his marriage to Fitzherbert violated the Royal Marriages Act and thus was not legally valid.

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Jane Austen wrote of Caroline: Marriage with the Prince of Orangefarben, Prince George of Hesse-Darmstadt, Charles, Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and the second son of the Margrave of Baden were all suggested, while her mother and father supported an English and a Prussian Prince respectively, but none came to fruition. The government was weak and unpopular, and a trial detailing salacious details of both Caroline's and George's separate love lives was certain to destabilise it further. Caroline of Brunswick, at a theatre in Genoa, with her secretary and constant companion Bartolomeo Pergami. She realised she was nearing death and put her affairs in order. When she arrived on 5 June, riots broke out in support of her. George did, however, write to the pope of the tragedy, and by chance the courier carrying the letter passed by Pesaro, and so it was that Caroline heard the devastating news. The peers considered the contents scandalous, and a week later, after their report to the House, the government introduced a bill in Parliament, the Pains and Penalties Bill , to strip Caroline of the title of queen and dissolve her marriage. Various witnesses, such as Theodore Majocchi , were called during the reading of the bill, which was effectively a public trial of the Queen. Similarly, Caroline told Malmesbury, "[the Prince is] very fat and he's nothing like as handsome as his portrait.

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