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Single harz 4

Single harz 4

The woods were largely reforested with spruce. Wäre außerdem gut wenn der Altersunterschied nicht wenig extrem wäre. The Brocken was extensively used for surveillance and espionage purposes. Overview plan of the Brocken summit Map of the Brocken, L. They were formed at the end of the last ice age about 10, years ago. Tourism[ edit ] Tourism is very important to the Harz, although the prevalence of cheap air travel has led to a decline in recent years. Today, however, the commercially managed areas are mainly monocultures of Norway spruce. The peregrine, which is threatened with extinction here, needs steep rock outcrops with little vegetation. The grey wagtail Motacilla cinerea dadurch uses the rich food supplies of the mountain brooks.

Single harz 4


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