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Video: Acoustic Lounge(Vol.3) am Tender Dinslaken 2017 Danny Latendorf,Captain,s Diary, Jasmin Tietze

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The first happened when Caroline was driving from her studio to Essen with her father, the car skidded near Osnabrook, and drove into a tree. It was Carolina's wish to produce her own music. In summer on Caroline's birthday, they recorded the debut single of C. Having turned into a long-haired brunette, Caro started her negotiations with English producers. The region has adapted since the collapse of its century long steel and coal industries and shifted to high technology biomedical technologymicro systems technology and dadurch services.

single dinslaken

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After recording the new modisch adaptations of the most famous hits in - harder beat and rap vocal were added - the vocalist Kenneth Lewis, known dadurch as the rapper KRAYZEE, joined the group. Guitar - Carolina's favorite instrument - produced completely new sound and new rhythms. In Caroline Muller got married to her teacher of meditation and yoga and after some time parted with him. Caroline explained its sense as follows: Incendiary, native music to a pain to which so much all is connected in a life. She takes part in a charitable gala-concert "Spirit of the Sea", that takes place in the city concert hall in Dinslaken, Germany.

single dinslaken

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The second accident happened on a country road when Caroline was returning from her friend in Bilefield. And the fortune smiled them. Guitar - Carolina's favorite instrument - produced completely new sound and new rhythms. Nobody knows if Caroline's childhood was typical for a disco singer, but surely it wasn't easy. Frech joined the group. But the Soviet press did not write much about her, one of the most progressive editions in the USSR wrote: According to the results it was considered the best single which had ever been issued by a German Record Company.

single dinslaken

single dinslaken


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